This was original report on Philadelphia news stations on Tuesday. My coworker heard a report on last evening's news that the cause was a "heart event". Boy was active in sports including swimming.

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA-June 29, 2005 — The Upper Moreland Police Department released information concerning the death of a fifteen-year-old boy, who was found dead in a driveway on the 2800 block of Terwood Road.

The boy was identified as Samuel Hardman of Edgehill Road in Huntingdon Valley. The teen was found lying on the driveway, with his bicycle on top of him. No obvious signs of trauma were found on his body. Police don't know what caused him to end up in that position.

On Wednesday, the Montgomery County Coroner conducted an autopsy of Samuel. Preliminary findings have ruled out trauma, or any injury from motor vehicle accident.

The matter is being investigated as a medical event.

No additional information exists at this time.