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Not cofimed, but may be due to failure of aorta.

Unfortunately, brings me back to that terrible day - July 6, 2001.

Community Stunned By Teen's Sudden Death

A South Jersey community is mourning the sudden death of a teenager. Matt Owens, 13, collapsed while playing football with a friend in Alloway Township, Salem County.

Owens' passing left students and staff at Alloway Township School in shock, where Owens was in 8th grade. He died of an undetected heart problem, doctors said.

Family and friends said Owens appeared to be the picture of health. The 13-year-old was passionate about sports and always being a good person.

But now Brian and Shannon Owens are holding on to each other and their memories of their son.

"It hurts. It is sad," said Brian Owens Sr. "It is so sad, I can't even explain it. We have cried and cried and cried."

Owens collapsed on Wednesday evening while tossing around a football at a friend's house.

"My brother was a great baseball player. He was always my best friend," said 15-year-old Brian Owens Jr.

Matt was one of four brothers and had an unbreakable bond with the Brian. They excelled at baseball and although he won't see Matt on the diamond anymore, Brian knows his biggest supporter will always be rooting him on. "I'll do my best and never give up," says Brian Owens Jr. "I'll just keep on going and always remember that he is pushing me."

School district administrators say grief counseling will be available to students and staff for as long as they need it