Derrick Faison's students knew he had died. Word traveled fast after the popular 36-year old teacher of at-risk high school kids collasped on an Irvine basketball court, June 27, 2004. Cause of death was unknown, until the autposy report later determined that Derrick died from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Derrick collapsed 8 minutes into the basketball game and went down gasping for air. Bystander CPR was initiaited and the paramedics were called. Paramedics arrived 8 minutes after the collapse. He was found in ventricular fibrillation. He was defibrillated and had periods of pulseness electrical activity and then back to ventricular fibrillation. Upon arrival to the hospital, it was already too late.

Derrick is survived by his wife, Regina and two sons (7 & 9 years), mother, father, sister, grandmother as well as many friends and students.