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Burtons story


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  • Burtons story

    Well folks,
    I don’t know what life has in store for me, but since my parents never got married I decided that I wouldn’t either.

    Also, my patents never felt the need to marry because they never had any children (a fact I’ve been trying to convince my brother and sister of for years.) I also felt that if my parents never had children, I wouldn’t either. This fact my grandchildren stubbornly refuse to believe. I don’t know what I can do to convince them that they are merely an illusion of an illusion of an illusion.

    I have to close now. Those men in the white coats are after me again.

    - - - -

    This reminds me of the time I was visiting someone in – shall we say a mental health institution? Why’ll sitting on a bench in the garden I noticed a man busily at work painting the grass with a bucket of water and a four inch wide brush. I asked him why he was painting the grass with water and he said it was his hideout mechanism. He then proceeded to tell me that he had performed a great robbery and had hid the money from his associates. He now felt it was safe, but he was still stuck in the institution, and if I went and dug up the money for him, he would share it with me fifty, fifty. He then slipped me a treasure map he had hidden under his shirt, and went back to painting the grass.

    After I left the institution I happened to pass the origin point on his map. The map said that looking across the field I would see three trees at the far side of the clearing. I looked and sure enough, there were the trees. Well, it being a nice day, I decided to explore further. Following the map I started pacing off fifty paces toward the middle tree where I came across a rock, and from the top of the rock I could see down a ravine which I was to walk through. I became excited, went back to the car for a shovel and returned to the rock, then headed off through the ravine. Sure enough, as stated in the map, at the far side of the ravine there was a pyramid shaped rock, and twenty paces north of that was the stump of the tree that the money was supposed to be buried under. I stated to dig, and after going down three feet as directed on the map – I found nothing. I dug deeper and deeper but still found nothing, I then proceeded to widen the hole until I had uncovered every inch of the area where the money could possibly be, but still nothing.

    Next day I returned to the institution where I found the man still painting the grass with water. I told him what I had done, and that I still didn’t find the money. He asked, did you walk fifty paces toward the middle tree? Yes. Did you find the rock? Yes. Did you see the Ravine? Yes. Did you walk to the far side? Yes. Did you pace off the twenty paces and find the stump? Yes, yes. Did you dig down four feet? I dug down six feet, and I widened the hole to make sure I didn’t miss anything. You did all that and still didn’t find the money. That’s right. I did all that the map said and I still didn’t find the money. The man suddenly smiled and said – ‘Grab a brush! You’ll like it here.’

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