Dear Sirs,
Pursuant to your instructions, yesterday I went to the six story building at 641 Leeds street of this city to affect repairs to the façade at the top of the building, which was damaged in the recent storm.

Upon arrival I climbed to the roof and examined the damage, then rigged a barrel hoist so I could more easily move my tools and the required bricks and mortar up to and down from the roof. I went to the street and first loaded my tools into the barrel, hoisted it to the roof, and tied off the rope. I then again climbed to the roof and using my tools, removed the damaged bricks, loaded them into the barrel and returned to the street
level. There I untied the rope, lowered the damaged bricks to the street and emptied the barrel.

I then reload the barrel with new bricks, hoisted them to the roof and again tied off the rope. Once again climbing to the roof I unloaded the barrel, and again returned to the street. I next lowered the barrel, reloaded it with the mortar mix, hoisted it to the roof, and again tied off the rope before yet again climbing to the roof to effect the repairs.

At this point, in an effort to reduce the number of times I had to climb up and down the stairs, I loaded the unused mortar mix, the unused bricks and my tools into the barrel at one time. I then returned to the street level and untied the rope. I was immediately jerked off my feet. The barrel now weighed more then I did. Maintaining my composure, I held onto the rope.

Half way up I encountered the loaded barrel on the way down. It broke my color bone and I received many lacerations to my head and shoulders. I continued up and the barrel continued down. At the top my hands were jammed into the pulley breaking three fingers. At the bottom the barrel hit the street spilling out my tools and a quantity of bricks. I was now heavier then the barrel and began to descend rapidly.

Halfway down I encountered the barrel on the way up. At this encounter I received many bruises and lacerations to my legs and body. I continued down and the barrel continued up. Upon reaching the street level I fell over the spilled bricks and broke my leg. At this point I lost my composure and accidentally let go of the rope. The barrel now descended with great speed. As it reached the ground level it struck me on the head, giving me a concussion and rendering me unconscious.

For the above enumerated reasons, I do respectfully request sick leave.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

(signed) Joseph P. Klutz