I’m an ex-New Yorker, and wrote this as a ‘Hail and farewell’ to the City. I post this now as a tribute to all of you out there suffering through a rotten winter. I hope it brings you some warmth.

Burt Borrok

My city was not long ago
Buried in two feet of snow.
Travel was brought to it's knees
As slushy streets began to freeze.

Then came the spring with all it's rain,
And flooding at each clogged up drain.
Then colds were rampant on the scene,
With loads of anti-histamine.

The summer was another joy,
But not a tale of girl meets boy.
You ride a subway that reeks of onions
While someone's standing on your bunions.

Autumn comes when Summer's through,
But that only brings a case of flu.
Yes, I love this city of renown, -
But I love it best from out of town.