Disclaimer: Before you get in a huff, I don't believe in stereo typing, I married a blonde, she the greatest person in the world, certainly doesn't fit the blonde stero type, I just pass these on I don't write them.
Joke: A blonde by the name of Julie was getting pretty deperate for money. So she decided to go to the richer part of town and try to get a job as a handy women.
She rang the doorbell at the first house she came to and a man answered the door. She asked if there were any odd jobs she could do and he replied, well actually we need the porch painted, how much do you want?
Julie said she felt $50 was fair.
He replied OK, the ladders, paint and other tools you need are in the garage. When the man closed the door, his wife who over heard the conversation asked him, $50? Does she realize the porch goes all the way around the house. The man replied she must have, she was standing right on it.
About 45 minutes later the doorbell rang and the man is surprised to find Julie standing there. She tells him that she's done and states that she even had enough paint to do a second coat.
As the man was reaching into his wallet to pay her, Julie adds, OH, and by the way, that isn't a Porche, it's a Ferrari!