A lawyer picks up his brand new very expensive Porche. Anxious to show it off he parks in front of the office where his partners are.
Just as he opens the door a truck roars by and rips the door off.
The lawyer jumps out in a rage and immediately call 911.
The lawyer was ranting and raving when the officer arrived, "look at what he did to my new car, my Porche will never look the same, even when they fix it will never be the same etc, etc.
After a couple of minutes the lawyer finally calms down a bit and the officer says "you lawyers are very materialistic". "What do you mean" the lawyer shoots back.
"You were so concentrating on the door of your Porche, you didn't even realize what else happened, not only was the door of your Porche ripped off, but your arm from the elbow down was also ripped off"
The lawyer looks down at his remaining stump in absolute horror and shock.
"Oh my God" he screams out "Where's my Rolex"