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  • Exercising?

    So I am interested in getting in shape and losing body fat, but I want to be careful because I have been diagnosed with HCM. I would prefer to lose weight in the abdomen region. I was wondering if anyone knew good exercises that are allowed. I'm not talking about weight training; I've already been told that free weights are not allowed.

    Thanks to anyone that can help.

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    Re: Exercising?

    The key is to burn more than you take in. That said, its not just exercising, but actually monitoring your calorie intake (sorry to make a chore of it!). So a balanced, low calorie diet work for most. As we HCM'r are often "carb sensitive" a high protein/low carb diets works for some. There is no "target area" to lose from, your body will remove fat in an overall fashion & you can't control which part will lose first or last.

    We hcm'r have it more difficult as its hard/dangerous for us to raise our heart rate into the "target zone," that HR of 120-130% of your resting HR where we burn the most fat.

    First - talk to your doctor & discuss your goals and limits. Find an exercise thats comfortable for you to do on a consistant basis and listen to your body. Do not over exert yourself. Start slow. Be it walking (excellent) biking, swimming (with Dr's. OK, and others around). These will allow you to set a goal (distance, time, laps) and allow you to increase as you are able. The reasonable goal is 1-2 lbs a week. Sorry, no miracles here, it took time to get on us & it'll take time to get off us. Be patient. We're all here to help you in any way we can!
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      Re: Exercising?

      My HCM doc told me as long as my workouts were graded (gradual warm up then gradual cooldown) it was ok if my heart rate got up to 160. I got the impression that intensity wasn't as important as how gradual the stress on the heart is..sudden high stress being the worst.

      Of course, my case is fairly mild and that might be a factor in what my restrictions are.


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        Re: Exercising?

        160???? Holy smokes! I can't even get mine that high during stress tests. I was told to never go above 110 (and yes, NO weights). Just walking today I got up to 92 and I was very taxing and I consider myself to be a very healthy HOCM patient with pretty tolerable symptoms. That shows you how individual we all are.
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          Re: Exercising?

          My husband, who is 30 and was diagnosed at 11, was able to complete a stress test three weeks ago with a max heartrate of 140 - what they consider normal for his age. He was told to stop, actually, instead of not being able to complete the test. The best person to ask for advice on exercise is your doctor as everyone is so different!
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