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Creatine. Good or bad?


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  • Creatine. Good or bad?

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with creatine, or has asked an HCM specialist, or if there is a consensus on this?

    I want to decrease fat and increase muscle but since I have to keep the heart rate low and the weights light, I'm looking for any edge I can get. It's not clear how creatine supplements might affect folks with HCM. Anyone run in to this before?

    I'm not sure my cardiologist is objective enough to answer this and it'll be a while before I can see a qualified HCM specialist on my own.
    Mitral valve repair and septal myomectomy May 1999 @ 36 yo. No ICD.

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    Re: Creatine. Good or bad?

    Be careful with this. The effects of creatine are poorly understood and poorly documented. That includes effects on the heart.

    I think you need to speak with a cardiologist about this.

    In general, if there were really a supplement you could take that would safely cause you to gain muscle mass and lose weight, without negative effects, that would indeed be amazing. So amazing that it's hard to believe.

    Myectomy on Feb. 5, 2007.


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      Re: Creatine. Good or bad?

      As Gordon has stated there are pros and cons and much is uncharted especially for HCM patients. As creatine elevations can impact many of our organs it would be most important to work with a doctor who is not only familiar and well versed on supplements and HCM but also who would guide one with tests and blood levels being carefully monitored. This area has yet to be well researched for HCMers and certainly would be a potential research project for an enthusiastic HCM specialist... one supplement at a time over time.

      I would just be very concerned about you becoming your own experiment without medical oversite, management and testing. That said the area of nutritional/ essential; vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplements is most interesting and it is documented that conditions as CHF , heart muscle thickening and a vast array of other diseases seem to be implicated in the destruction, loss of or overall lack of these needed elements in our well being.

      This link is informative but not pertaining directly to HCM patients or expert opinion.


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        Re: Creatine. Good or bad?

        Thank-you for the perspective on this.
        Mitral valve repair and septal myomectomy May 1999 @ 36 yo. No ICD.


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          Re: Creatine. Good or bad?

          Here is my 2 cents worth. The higher your Creatinine the harder it is on your kidneys. I have my Creatanine checked every 6 months and if it starts to creep up, I know I will need to cut my protein down. So, please do not take the supplement without the okay of your physician.

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