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Anyone use Allsup Inc to get Disability?


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  • Anyone use Allsup Inc to get Disability?

    I'm looking into applying for disability and a friend of mine recommended this service, Allsup. They take 25% of your retroactive award up to $5,300 if they get you disability.

    Anyone use this service or any others to get their disability? Is it worth it?


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    I know here in Mass those numbers are the same. I wonder if those numbers are the same nation wide.


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      I'm somewhat familiar with Allsup. Unless they've moved, they're located in the town where I was born, and I've met the guy who started the business; he was also a board member for an organization I worked for back when I lived in Illinois.

      My mom used their services to get her Social Security benefits, and I remember her being very pleased with them. The percentage they take has gone up, I'm sure, but for the life of me I can't remember what percentage they took of her retroactive benefits.

      I know that isn't much to go on, but there you have it.

      -- T.
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        My daughter found them online and I talked with them and am thinking of asking them to take my case, that really isn't bad if that is all they take they told me the same thing as far as the money goes, let me know what you do and i will keep you informed of what they say to me

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          fyi, $5,300 is the national cap for these services as allowed by the Social Security Administration.

          As to whether it is worth using the service or not you might ask your Dr. about their experience in cases similar to yours and whether the existing medical records clearly demonstrate that you meet the SSA's disability criteria. The application might turn out to be a "no-brainer" and you might not need the help.

          Good luck!
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            I would be very careful if you use a "service" or a lawyer to apply for SSI at least for your first time of application. If you would be rejected, then I would consult your doctor and as a last resort hire someone to help you.

            SSI tells you that you shouldn't need anyone to help you with the application and the questions are very simple. The information that the applicant must provide is information only you can give them, ie hospital stay dates, etc. Just make sure you have a good relationship with all your doctors and they will help you move through the process.

            I have done the SSI application for Scott twice in the last ten years due to different disablities and both times it has been simple. Make sure you have your ducks in a row (medical information, dates, doctors) and it should move along fine. Don't be scared into paying for help! The fees you decribed seemed very expensivene for just a couple hours of work. If you need help, maybe ask a friend, relative or doctor to help you out with the application.

            Good Luck----Cheri
            Scott Stanley

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              Re: Anyone use Allsup Inc to get Disability?

              How do we go and apply for disability. I am in a stressful job and have HCM for the past two years. I have been ill the past week and back and forth in the hospital for something else. I was told that becasue of my health and stressful job that I should find something else to do. What can I do? Do I rtry to see if I can get disability for my HCM and stress. I don't know what to do?
              Joe Del

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              My biggest part is the depression and now on disability.

              Tested positive for HCM gene and all three children are negative.

              Husband and father of three children: Son 18 and two daughters 13 and 7.


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                Re: Anyone use Allsup Inc to get Disability?

                Dear Joe,

                You should make this a new thread in order to get a better response.

                There are retraining opportunities in many communities. You need to get hooked up with your local social services people. Please contact the office for more specific details on what and who you need to talk to for more info.

                There are options. hang in there!