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Can you be in the sun without getting sick?


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  • Can you be in the sun without getting sick?

    It is supposed to take a lot (like four hours of rigorous exercise in the heat) to cause someone to get heatstroke. It takes me about 20 minutes on a hot day without a hat, standing still to get started on a nice case of it.

    (Of course, now, I never go anywhere in summer without a hat and a bottle of water and I learned this lesson long ago. And if it is really hot, I just don't even go out. I'll be ordering my groceries online this week.)

    I was just wondering if this was HCM-related or just me. I don't seem to sweat much at all.



    FYI: Symptoms of heat stroke

    headache -check
    disorientation, agitation or confusion
    sluggishness or fatigue -check
    hot, dry skin that is flushed but not sweaty -check
    a high body temperature -check
    loss of consciousness
    rapid heart beat -check

    Addendum: I just found this emed article on heat exhaustion and heat stroke and one of the causes can be beta-blockers! Now, I was getting heat exhaustion before I went on the beta-blockers, but I've been on the for over 20 years, so wow. Also antihistamines, which I also take. I've never seen this info before and I've doctors about this over and over without getting any answers. (insert swear words here). http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic236.htm

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    One way the body copes with extremes in temperatures is thru constricting and dilating the blood vessels to retain or expel body heat. The beta blockers and some other meds alter that natural response. Those with HCM can already have altered responses which makes it even more difficult to deal with temp changes or extremes. No, it's not just you.

    Those same meds that help to manage HCM will make it more difficult for a person to cope with a bout of vomiting and diarrhea. They lose a lot of fluid and the vessels don't constrict as well to maintain the BP. It's just always a balancing act.

    By the way, standing still is sometimes more difficult than moving. Moving the legs keeps the muscles contracting and thereby helping the blood return to the heart and lungs, rather than pooling in the legs.



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      I know how you feel. Dehydration is my worst enemy.And it happens so fast I think I've even got Lisa baffled on how easily I dehydrate. Unfortunatly, I never get a warning it seems like I hit a brick wall. One minute I'm fine the next minute I'm almost on the ground. It gets so frustrating especially living in Fl the humidity and heat are both close to 100 most days!

      I also think your lack of sweating is a major factor as well. Sweat is pretty much your AC to your body. I'd ask a Dr. about that. My best friend in high school had the same problems to! I could bet on every drill meet she would go down. Which was ironic because we were the company medics. By the time we graduated I was a professional at taking care of heat exhaustion! My EMT professor was even impressed at the different tactics I learned from my high school ROTC days. I miss my ROTC days I would have done them again even if I had known about my HCM!

      Just my thoughts!



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