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Energy Medicine


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  • Energy Medicine

    Well, as many of you know I've been having a rough time health wise. My doctors are confused and are not sure what to do anymore so I did some digging around on my own. I had some bad episodes of depression and was in need of a therapist. Since, I work for a great orginaztion they hooked me up with a short term therapist.

    It just so happens that she also studies Energy medicine that is a form of Eastern Medicine. I am quite impressed with the results so far. I have been using some of the techniques that she taught me. It is very interesting and I've been pretty loyal to it the past few weeks doing the exercises she has recommended. My mood has gotten better although my conditions have not changed dramaticaly. Two days ago I was able to ride my bike for fifteen minutes and I didn't feel like I was half dead afterwards.

    I'm not sure if it is just the "placebo" effect or not. But if our mind can control the pain for that amount of time maybe we can enhance it to be a help. Not the only answer but just a complement to the wonderful work our HCM specialist are doing. Just something I would throw out to everyone.

    Mary S.

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    Re: Energy Medicine

    Hi Pumpkin,
    I expect the brain is not only the most powerful tool we possess, it is also the greatest aid to health that’s ever been found.

    Oh, it won’t cure a broken leg – but it will make it heal faster. It can’t cure HCM, but it can minimize the effects to some extent. When you think about it, faith healers have been using the effect successfully for many, many years – as have witchcraft and voodoo purveyors.

    Then of course there are the hypnotists who allow painless surgery to be performed on people who can not deal with the drugs usually used to put them out. They also can alter your bad habits, like smoking and drinking (unless you are an alcoholic where your body functions have been altered) but even then it can help.

    If you get a benefit from the ‘Placebo effect,’ there is no real reason why you can’t prolong that effect indefinitely. It actually is a case of mind over matter.

    Enjoy – enjoy,


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      Re: Energy Medicine

      I’m sorry for rambling on, but let me tell you the story of my Tanta. (Actually she was my grandmothers’ sister, which would make her my grassa tanta – great aunt.) Anyway we loved each other dearly for as far back as I can remember. I always referred to her as “My Tanta” and seeing me always brought a twinkle to her eye.

      Anyway, she was a little European born woman who came to America when she was sixteen. A real spitfire. When young, everyone said she could whistle the birds out of the trees. Jewish superstition held that if you whistled in the house you were tempting the evil eye, but she whistled so beautifully she was allowed to whistle whenever and wherever she wanted. I don’t think this woman was capable of having a malicious thought, let alone act unkindly to anyone. I could go on and on, but let’s get to the point.

      At the age of fifty-two she contracted a malignancy in her spine and the doctor’s said she only had a short time left to live – but she said NO. The malignancy went into remission – and never became active again. In her early seventies she contracted uncontrollable diarrhea and lost a great deal of weight. The doctor’s said she would not last two weeks – but she said – NO. The diarrhea stopped, and she regained her lost weight.

      At eighty she was placed in a Senior Housing home, at her request, as my grandmother and grandfather had both passed on (she lived with them her whole life) and she didn’t feel capable of running an apartment by herself. She still managed to get to things like the World’s Fair, which was open to the elderly prior to the public opening. She was also interviewed on TV (I forget whether it was NBC or CBS). That was at a dance she attended, and of course she was the bell of the ball. She even danced at my wedding, - as she always said she would.

      At eighty-two she fell and broke both her arm and hip. The doctor’s said she would never get out of bed, and would develop pneumonia and die in less then two weeks. They said to reset the bones would just be cruel. Of course, you guessed it. She said NO. The arm healed crooked, but it did heal. Her hip kept her in a wheelchair at least some of the time, but she did get up and walk around often, though she did have to forgo the walks around the neighborhood.

      One morning at eighty-four she called my aunt and asked her to come over, as that was the day she was going to die. They spent the day laughing and crying and reminiscing. My aunt gave her messages to bring to my grandparents – and as the sun set on that fine, fine day, so did it set on that glorious woman. She remains one of my great loves – and one day I will hug her and kiss her again. She will always be, ‘My Tanta.’

      - - So that’s what can be done with a strong mind. I just hope I have inherited some of that superb force of will.


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        I too have had energy work

        I have had energy work to help with scoliosis and other back problems. I think that it is the most amazing thing. I can't believe what a little bit of human contact can do. Stay away from the magnet therapy. I was always told to drink lots of water after energy work because I guess it somehow dehydrates your body...
        Although being diagnosed with HCM was the end of the world for me, it has opened up a beautiful new world for me too. \"To thine ownself be true.\" ~Polonius


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          energy work is the best


          I'm glad you found energy work. I was having reiki sessions ( http://reiki.7gen.com/ ) for a while that were incredible. I had to give them up for a while and then I did qi gong (http://www.qi.org/) which actually had me in a normal rhythm for brief periods (something that is technically medically impossible now).

          The qigong master moved away, but I still do some of the exercises and I found www.emofree.com and http://www.the-tree-of-life.com/ and have seen HUGE improvements in my attitude and ability to deal with stuff and have gotten rid of many emotional beliefs that don't server me any more. It has helped me process a lot of grief, too. And I just started a 30-day exercise for arrhythmias, so I'll let you know how that goes.

          Since my HCM is manifesting as an electrical problem (afib) and my ECG is a mess, I figure that I need my energy to be as strong and clear as I can make it. And heck, yeah, if those reiki sessions were merely the placedo effect, well, then great. Because no amount of medication ever made me feel as good. And no Paxil or Zoloft would have led me to the awareness of what I was thinking that I don't need to think anymore.

          Please read "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden www.donnaeden.com

          Take care!



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            I'm a believer in Reiki. It's such a great aid to relaxation, and that alone helps to relieve any number of symptoms. Linda


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              I hope everything is going well for you!

              Sarah, thanks for posting the links (and the PM as well). I am very much open to alternative treatments right now, and will enjoy looking into this very much.

              "Some days you're the dog... some days you're the hydrant."


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                Hi everyone

                I used to be a Reiki Master Teacher. I used to practice Reiki a few years ago, and I have not since. And, now looking back, I felt much better when I was connected to Reiki.

                My mother has HCM. My mother is a Reiki Master Teacher as well (however, we both do not speak to each other, long story). And I know that she still practices Reiki and she is in much better shape than me. She is 65 and works full time, no meds, no sleeping pills, etc.

                **NOW- I am not saying that Reiki or any eastern medicine or healing energy is a replacement for heart medication, it is not. I am just saying that my mother does not take any medication and I think Reiki helps her to feel better.
                Please do not stop taking any medication. That is not what I am implying.**

                I have forgotten some of the Reiki symbols since it has been a few years now. This thread has given me the idea that I should re-introduce myself to Reiki and healing energy. At this point, I need all the help I can get.

                Thank you for inspiring me.

                49 yrs. old
                Diagnosed at 31.
                Cardiac Arrest 2003, RF Ablation in AZ, no positive result -
                First ICD 2003 - In 2006 lead went bad, abandoned lead, threaded new one & new generator
                Myectomy 5-5-05 at The Cleveland Clinic - Dr. Lever & Dr. Smedira -heart surgeon.
                Currently have Grade 2 Diastolic Dysfunction with pulmonary hypertension & pulmonary edema.
                My brother passed away suddenly at 34 yrs old from HCM.
                2 teenage children, ages 17 and 15.


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                  Wow, nice to see the this thread come back alive. It does seem to help quite a bit. I know I am at least a lot more positive about my out look and although I still have my moments. My days that I'm not in the hospital seem to be more productive.

                  There is also heart intelligence. if you type it into the google search it comes up with some fascinating things!

                  Thanks Sara, I was recommended to read that energy med book but have not been able to locate it in the library. I will also check out those other sites.

                  mary S.


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