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  • daredevil

    I remember riding the drop zone at Carrowinds several years ago and for about 10 minutes I felt like my heart was beating incorrectly. At the time it freaked me out a little, had I known I actually had a heart problem it would have freaked me out more. Is there any reasearch on the effects of rides, coasters, bungi jumping, and etc and HCM. I love stuff like this and have done alot and that is the only scary incident I remember. I would appreciate any knowledge the rest of you have on this.
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    "I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special"
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    Re: daredevil


    I share your love for adrenalin. Once I took my daughter and her friend to King's Dominion on a cool evening after it had rained. They wanted to do their own thing and my husband won't ride scary rides, so I set off and rode all night just going from one coaster to the next since there were no lines. After a few hours of this a young couple came up to me and said they had been following me to see if I ever touched the handrail on the front of the car, but I never had. So they just wanted me to know that they had decided I was the Roller Coaster Queen! It was a great moment in my life! I took my daughter bungi jumping for my 50th birthday celebration. One summer I went to KD's, Carowinds, King's Island, Silver Dollar City, Disney World, Six Flags over MidAmerica, and Wonderland all in one glorious summer of coasters! So, needless to say, I was very sorry to learn on this site that such things are not recommended. Did I ever have trouble after riding? I'm not sure, but yes I think I did, but I was so used to ignoring how I felt, that I can't be positive.

    But, I think that when I compare the daily joys and thrills of living with the loss of roller coasters, I can live with it and I hope you can too.

    If you want more information on this topic, just enter "Roller Coasters" into the search function and you will get information on why these are not recommended.



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      Re: daredevil

      I used to love roller coaster rides, parachute jumps, and all the other scary rides. But one day I rode this monster roller coaster and was shaken up quite a bit. My wife wanted to go again, and after that ride I was so wobbly I couldn’t make it off the coaster. Consequently I wound up going a third time. By the time we again returned to the station I had died. One of the ground crew knew CPR, but try as he might it was too little too late, and I was dragged off to the morgue.

      Ever since, I have been terribly afraid of traffic and will not drive anywhere until I first put my sun screen up over the windshield. I’m now thinking of painting the side windows too, and will not look in the rear view mirrors under any circumstances. Luckily my car knows every place I want to go, and how to get there

      I still like diving out of airplanes into swimming pools though, especially if there is a pool party in progress. I get all kinds of free food and drinks. One time the wind caught my parachute and I wound up breaking this poor guys diving board, so I don’t dive with chutes anymore. Makes for a bigger splash anyway.

      Have all the fun your body can stand, but don’t get dragged off to the morgue. They cut off all your cloths, stick you on a marble slab, and shove you into a refrigerator. It is co-co-co-old and dark in there. No fun at all, although it is interesting when crying relatives come to identify you and their tears freeze on your skin.
      The former - Burt


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        Re: daredevil

        I haven't met a roller coaster or thrill yet that I am scared of. Although those were in my pre HCM days. None of my doctors were able to give me a yea or nay on it. I remember from Disney (FL) a few years back they had warning signs for people with heart conditions.

        Right now the climb up the stairs would take the wind out of me, and would most likely take the fun out of it.

        I haven't been to a theme park since I have been diagnosed, so I'd be curious to see what the medical community has to say.


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          Re: daredevil

          Last July I took my family to Cedarpoint, Home of the highest and fastest coasters. My kids got me to ride every coaster there, we road 14 to be exact. My wife was smarter than me. I felt great after that. Oct first I was told I had HCM. May 17 I had my septal myectomy. I love riding those coasters with my girls, but those days are probably over. And my daughters know that.

          This year I got to see one graduate from high school and in 3 years I hope to see the twins graduate ( if God is willing ). But I doubt ver much if I will ever ride a coaster again. There are so many other things I can enjoy with them.

          Pat Ekardt
          " Real Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling-Up Anyway "


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            Re: daredevil


            Oh how I can relate! I like your saying. At the end of your post.. 30 minutes vs. a lifetime. I guess for me it is trying to hit the balance that is difficult. I've posted before about "active sports and hcm", am still very active and plan on staying active. It's a risk that I choose to take. Is it irresponsible? Probably somewhat. Is skydiving, skiing, rockclimbing irresponsible regardless of your heart condition? Probably somewhat. We need to try to find the balance between living life with a heart condition and being foolish. Unfortunately, the Doctors don't seem to be experienced enough with our disease to offer much advice on "how far is too far". For me, the saying from Braveheart comes to mind... "All men die... few men truly live". I want to live. Both a long life AND an active one...