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  • Thankful

    I would like to start a thread where we can list the things we are especially thankful for in connection with HCM.
    Here are a few of mine:
    1) I am thankful that my having HCM has enabled me to help two other people in my building in Beijing get help for their heart problems, including one who almost certainly has HCM.
    2) I am thankful that the weather in Beijing so far this summer was much milder than usual, so that I could teach without dying from the heat.
    3) I am thankful that I was able to complete the semester without too many serious consequences.
    4) I am thankful for my family, friends, and students' support for me over the past months.
    5) I am thankful for Lisa and for the people on this board who have helped, instructed, and encouraged me.

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    Re: Thankful

    I am thankful for the positive outlook you have!

    I am thankful for Lisa and all the hard work she puts into this organization!

    I am thankful for all the wonderful souls that bring light into the sometimes dark days!


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      Re: Thankful

      I am thankful of having this site, and the wonderful people who inhabit it.

      I am thankful for that spectacular girl that heads this board, and the great staff that support her. (I learned ‘girl’ from my mother after she retired and had the ‘girls’ over for cards. There was no age qualifier attached.) (By the way Lisa and Kelly, I never mentioned you by name. How hush, hush.)

      Most of all I am thankful to be alive, and for having a mate that makes that life worth living. (Didn’t mention my Shirley either.)

      ‘Nough said.


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        Re: Thankful

        I am thankful for all of the family I have. They may not be genetic but that does not matter.

        I am thankful for a Grandpa Burt who called me everyday while in the hospital.

        I am thankful for an Aunt Lisa who is trying to help me find answers and keep drinking that water.

        I am thankful for A dad named John who has never given up on me no matter how stubborn and sick I get.

        I am also thankful for a brother named Marcus "who said a prayer for me today"

        For Hugh and Arlene who always spoil me and make me have fun!

        And for another set of parents known as the Pyne's who send "guilt' e-mails when their third child is to quite on the net.

        In a weird sort of way this disease. I believe it has made me a better person. Because I would not have opened my heart and accepted love from these wonderful people.

        I am also thankful for the opportunites I am being given at school to become who I believe I should be.

        Mary S.


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          Re: Thankful

          I’m thankful for Kimber (my daughter with HCM)
          I’m thankful for the owners at the game room that started CPR and called 911 when she collapsed.
          I’m thankful for the off duty officer that was only 50 feet from the door that responded to the call.
          I’m thankful for the volunteer fire and rescue that shocked her heart 3 times on site and 2 times on the way to the hospital
          I’m thankful for our family doctor, who just happen to be in the parking lot of the hospital when Kimber was brought in to the ER.
          I’m thankful for the flight for life helicopter that took her to Children’s Hospital
          I’m thankful for all that prayed for her
          Most of all I’m thankful for God who I know in my heart he put all the right people in the all the right places!
          Julie - lilchickenbutt


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            Re: Thankful

            I'm thankful each morning I wake up.
            I'm thankful I get to go to sleep at night.
            I'm thankful for everything in between, good and bad.
            I'm thankful my daughter Kristine is HCM negative.
            But most of all I'm thankful my wife Marianne has been cancer free for 7 years.
            She make all the above possible.
            Good Luck & Stay Well!
            Every great thing that has ever happened since the beginning of time has started as a single thought in someones mind.
            So if you are capable of thought then you are capable of great things
            Good luck and stay well.