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Spirit of the Wind


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  • Glen Beamish
    Connie, I'm flattered, absolutely go ahead.

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  • connie
    Thank You.....

    Thanks Glen for sharing that wonderful work of art. As I read this a calm came over me as well as sadness at the loss it also represents. I am sorry for the loss of your father. With your permission I would like to pass this along to friends and family. again thanks....Connie

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  • Glen Beamish
    Geez, someone wants to publish me!
    Lisa, sure, I'd be honoured.

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  • Lisa Salberg
    That was beautiful and I am honored that you have share something so personal with us all. You illustrate your feelings so well, as I read I could see the forest, the cliffs and the ocean. I could see you writing this and thinking of your father, your loss and his life.
    I would like to publish it in the next newsletter, with your permission of course.
    Thank you for such a wonderful gift.
    Lisa Salberg

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  • Reenie

    I was very touched. Thank you for sharing.


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  • Glen Beamish
    started a topic Spirit of the Wind

    Spirit of the Wind

    I'm really glad people here are willing to share inspirational messages/poems, especially ones they wrote themselves like Mary's Poem about Friends.
    I do some writing and would like to share something I wrote in 1970, up until now, my wife is the only person I have shared this with.
    That year my Dad passed in May at age 43 from you know what.
    I was married in September and between those two events I was diagnosed with HCM.
    So 1970 was the best of times and also the worst of times.
    When I write I like to relate natures spirit with the human spirit and I wrote this piece shortly after my Dad's death and whenever someone close to me passes I take it out and read it.
    It gives me the feeling that even though they have passed, they are somehow still with us.
    I call this piece "Spirit of the Wind".
    Here goes, hope you like it.

    When this journey on Earth is done.
    Set my spirit free from this body that I have walked the journey in.
    Let my spirit soar free as the birds to travel as the wind high above Mother Earth's unending wonders and beauty.

    To be warmed by the sun and move gently as a breeze on a warm spring day.
    Down onto Earth's plane and into the foreat to play amongst the trees to taunt the leaves until they twist and turn irritated by my constant touching.

    To cause the flowers to dance and sway to my silent rhythm as I pass them by, stealing their sweet fragrance and carry it to those that would come to seek it in this place called nature.

    To soar straight up a cliffs side and catch the wings of an eagle as it glides high over mountain peaks surveying all that is his domain.

    To swirl through billows of sleeping white clouds causing them to wake angry and dark.
    Striking at me with bolts of jagged lightning, calling out with loud crashes of thunder and finally pouring out tears of frustration that fall to Earth during a summer storm nourishing her and quenching her thirst.

    To provoke the water of lake and ocean to rise up in rolling waves of protest against my unrelenting tormenting, then leave as quickly as I came to let the waters again be still.

    To catch the cool air of the north and travel it down over Earth's forests to signal autumn's artists to paint nature's rainbow of colour in one last spectacular display before this life cycle comes to an end.

    To blow in the breath of bitter cold that settles over all that sleep during this time of rest.
    To carry the snow to its resting-place on the ground creating a blanket of soft white insulation to sheid them from the damages of winters frost.

    All is peaceful and quiet as night comes and my energy is spent.
    I rest high above a snow covered frozen pond nestled deep in a sleeping white forest and see countless glimmering stars in a clear black sky above me, knowing that all I see is grand and glorious as it should always be.

    I am spirit, I am the wind