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Eating Right?


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  • Eating Right?

    What type of day to day eating does everyone partake in?

    I've been told by my dr that I need to cut down on fats, sodium and cholesterol. I am having a hard time finding a good "diet" and sticking to it. I'm not talking about a fad diet to loose weight, im talking about a day to day diet that I can actually live by.

    I worry about cholesterol intake, and animal fats b/c my father very unexpectedly died of a heart attack at an early age. He DID NOT have HCM, but rather a undetected cholesterol disease (Which is hereditary) I myself, want to stay on top of this as much as possible. I am only 25, and feel I am in decent shape, but a healthy diet is something I am lacking right now.

    I've done a lot of research and feel I have a pretty good handle on nutrition over all, but I am curious what other folks do around here? I am planning on slowly moving to a healthier diet over the course of a short time as to not shock my body by altered levels of protein and fiber, etc . .


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    Re: Eating Right?


    I think I've always eaten pretty cleany and I'm an ideal weight with good choles. levels so I'd thought I'd share although I've never done research on nutrition and I'm probably lacking something. High cholesterol runs high in my family too even when we eat well.

    I only drink water, or sometimes an all natural grape or blueberry juice or veggie juice. I never drink coffee or soda. I haven't eaten beef or pork since I was 18 (I'm 32). If I have pizza it's the soy cheese kind. If I eat bread or pasta it's the whole grain variety.

    A typical day:

    breakfast: Kashi whole oat cereal with blueberries and skim milk OR oatmeal OR lentil beans and egg whites Or an Odwalla bar or other protein bar.

    lunch: a big chicken salad which is: a couple of cups of baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushroom, 2 heads of broccoli, a slice of skim milk cheese. 1-2 tablespoons of my homemade salad dressing (extra virgin olive oil base with no salt seasoning and no sulfite vinegar). 3-4 oz of plain baked chicken breast then I add a buffalo sauce to it (vinegar & cayenne pepper).

    dinner: i bake sweet potatoes with a little olive oil and black pepper. baked turkey or alaskan salmon or some other form of protein. Then I eat fruit strawberries, blueberries, mango, dried goggi berries, ect.

    snack: a couple vitamuffin (those whole grain, full of fiber, healthy version of muffins in the natural frozen foods aisle). OR all natural long grain brown rice cakes OR Kashi crackers.

    I breastfeed a hungry baby so I often have to add tablespoons of peanut butter throughout the day to get the extra protein and fats and to make sure I keep some fat on me. I have 2 kids under 2 and I work full time so I'm really too busy to crave bad foods, or even sit down to eat, so I have that going for me.

    Good luck with your diet change!
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    In 1995, at age 18, an echo for a misdiagnosed mvp showed HCM but it went unnoticed.
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      Re: Eating Right?

      The American Heart Association has some excellent, common-sense guidelines. Basically, eat more fruits & veggies, limit fats and sodium. try to avoid all processed food (meats, prepared foods). There are many interesting cookbooks on eating for a healthier lifestyle. I think the key is to tailor it to you needs, Don't like fish, try adding omega supplements, Don't like soy ior rice milk? try a 50/50 mix. Spices can do so much for everything - tofu, beef, pork & chicken and vegetables. Try new rice-based noodles or whole grain ones. Buy smaller packages until your sure you like a product. Figure out a healthy snack you can pack to avoid fast-food binges. Experiment! Eventually you'll find something that makes you & your doctor and your stomach happy.
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        Re: Eating Right?

        We learn early in life that food and air are basic to our survival. Eating healthy foods like: vegetables and fruits....
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          Re: Eating Right?

          Usually my Full Strength Shake for breakfast (w/mixed berries for an awesome smoothie www.fullstrength.com)

          Snack will be a bowl of oatmeal and/or some nuts

          Lunch is some type of sandwich or salad

          Snack/ will be another Full Strength or maybe nothing if I'm going to workout.

          Dinner/ salad, chicken, some type of veggie.

          Something like this my friend. Trying my best to avoid the sugars, salts, and stuff like that.


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            Re: Eating Right?

            my name is barbara. My husband has hcm. I try to stick to wholesome foods..nothing processed. No boxed foods. Just cream of wheat, rice, pasta, homemade pancakes; real fruit; no fruit bars; salads; must be careful with consumption of beets - they are natural vasodilators. My understanding is that people with hcm should avoid vasodilators. So no beets to you. Good luck!


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              Is it good health-wise to take protein bars and candies to balance the daily protein intake? My uncle eats protein bars and he is 39 years old. One of his gym friends advised him. I'm concerned because of his age. He is not a young dude anymore but he doesn't listen.
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                Hi R3ydium,
                Don't worry here more diets present here I'm discussion about that details that is more useful ro improve food quality like adequacy, energy control, nutrient density etc. Choose a variety of food and eat grains as the largest portion of food in every meal. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Limits saturated and trans fats, sodium, and added sugars. Controls portion sizes. Try a non-stick cooking spray or a small amount of cooking oil for sautéing instead of frying with solid fat. You want more details about the diet process check here that is more useful to your health.


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                  Diet is the key to our condition. There is no doubt about it. However, effective eating is really tricky sometimes. The day I was diagnosed I opted for a diet that is enriched with therapeutic herbs and spices. That was probably the best decision of my life. Now I am in perfect shape and internally much stronger than ever. I followed iahas.com for some great recipes that are full of the goodness of Ayurveda.


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                    Diet is something that you should follow for long time then and only then will get the best results. It is good for you to see a nutritionist, they will suggest you a proper diet plan according to your body because everyone's body is different. And we are no one here to decide what you should eat or not, we can only suggest you.


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