[off to Boston]

Author: mary Sharp (---.net338.fl.sprint-hsd.net)

Date: 10-30-02 14:24

Well everyone it looks like it is finally going to happen. I fly out to Boston tomorrow to have my ICD implanted. The actual procedure will be on Friday.

I almost thought it was going to be canceled at the last minute because my referrals got disregarded because my primary physicans practice decided to split without informing any of the patients. So I got a phone call yesterday about this and I almost freaked out. That was the last thing I needed. I am already a little anxious about this whole ordeal and then what they put my through yesterday was just mind wrenching. I am so tired that I just want a nap but I have work and i still have to pack before in the morning but things will work out I'm sure.

Just a special thanks to Lisa and Sarah for giving me that little push to go to the Dr.s in Boston. it has made all the difference and I think I actually feel a bit better just knowing this isn't all in my mind.

Wish me luck on Friday!



[Re: off to Boston]

Author: Erica (---.biz.dsl.gtei.net)

Date: 10-30-02 14:26

Best of luck Mary! You will be in my prayers! Let us know how you make out! Smile, breathe and it will all work out! ~ Erica


[Re: off to Boston]

Author: Lisa Salberg (208.47.172.---)

Date: 10-30-02 16:31

Best of luck Mary - I am so happy you will be getting good care and that you are feeling better just knowing your in good hands!

call me if you need me!



[Re: off to Boston]

Author: Brian Dalton (---.public.lawson.webtv.net)

Date: 10-30-02 22:43

Hi Mary:

Welcome to the better world. I fought the icd tooth and nail for 8 yrs (6 episodes) and when I had 3 in two months it was time--that was in June- the llth.

I am so glad to have a dual lead medtronic marquis icd..no doubt the hardest part is not raising your arm for a few weeks. Went in the hosp on Mon eve- and implant tues morning and home on wednesday morning. I still take the same meds (they werent working as well after 8 yrs) but twice a day instead of 3x and wonder allmost every day at the great gift my ep and cardio have given me. I was paced 7 times in the lst 6 weeks and you can feel that but only in the sense that you would feel a palpitation run and have not recieved a shock yet thanks to the combination pacer icd..I am not scheduled for another ep visit till Jan since the July adjustment visit as the device is working so well. You will feel so much better just knowing that your titanium friend is working 24-7. Good luck Friday and if u have questions be sure to ask the ep or nurse -- Brian


[Re: off to Boston]

Author: Mary Sharp (---.net354.fl.sprint-hsd.net)

Date: 11-04-02 20:43

Well I'm back! ICD and everything. All went well as far as things go. I guess I didn't tolerate the anesthetic well so I ended up being intubated not to fun. I was kept an extra day because I was in a lot of pain and just out of it in general. The staff was nice enough but one down side the fifty dollars in my wallet was taken between the procedure and my stay. Still working on getting it back I hope so.

Well not feeling to well so I'll explain more later.

Mary S.


[Re: off to Boston]

Author: Matt (---.disney.com)

Date: 11-04-02 21:56


Welcome back! I hope you're feeling better soon.