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A note just to relieve a little bit of stress


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  • A note just to relieve a little bit of stress

    [A note just to relieve a little bit of stress]

    Author: Amy N. (---.tnt5.seymour.in.da.uu.net)

    Date: 10-29-02 22:13

    Sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with everythig I have to know in order to protect my son. Today I took my kids to the dentist. I have taken both of them since they were one year old. (That's what they experts recommend. Finding a dentist in my area to see a 1 year old is an hour drive, but I do it because I want to do what is best for them.) When I made the appointment for my 21 month old son, I told the receptionist he had HCM and was to take an antibiotic before coming to the dentist unless it was just for tooth counting. I asked if they would clean his teeth, but didn't really think they started until after they turned 2. The receptionist said nothing about the antibiotic. We go to the appointment today, I hand the reseptionist the info the ped. cardiologist gave me about having an antibiotic. And guess what, the dental hygentist wanted to clean his teeth. I explained that he had to have an antibiotic. She said babies teeth generally don't bleed. (And how many toddlers hold really still?) Luckily the conversation didn't go any further and the dentist agreed with me. He said next time he comes to get the antibiotic and then they'll clean his teeth. This conversation all occurred while my daughter was getting her teeth cleaned and my son was wearing out his grandma in the waiting room. I know he looks very healthy, but we're not taking any chances here.

    I just didn't realize how stressed that little incident made me, but what if I hadn't know any better. Chances are he would have been o.k., but I'm not into games of chances when you have a choice.

    Thanks for letting me destress myself - the talking/writing and listening/reading helps so very much.

    Amy N.


    [Re: A note just to relieve a little bit of stress]

    Author: Sarah B.-Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 10-29-02 22:18

    Dear Amy,

    Venting is one of the things we are here for. There are several people here on this board who know _exactly_ what happens when the antibiotics are not given and the worst case scenario kicks in. keep breathing and remember that diaster was averted. What a great mom you are---dental hygene is so important!

    take care,



    [Re: A note just to relieve a little bit of stress]

    Author: Glen (65.247.42.---)

    Date: 10-30-02 08:28

    Amy, have your dentist give you the pre-meds for the next visit before you leave from the current visit.

    Your son will have to take them 1 hour before they start working on him and that saves having to come in early to take them



    [Re: A note just to relieve a little bit of stress]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 10-30-02 08:45

    Amy - You were a wonderful advocate for your son!

    Keep up the good work and vent here anytime.

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.

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