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how often is HCM seen in family?


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  • how often is HCM seen in family?

    [how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: sandra sullivan (---.dialup.mindspring.com)

    Date: 01-28-02 14:20


    my name is sandra. i am from n.c. and have HCM. i had a myectomy 4 yrs ago and it did help with my symptoms. my myectomy was performed at The University of Chapel Hill (UNC) by dr. micheal mill whom was the most helpful and patient surgeron in the world. my heart dr.is dr.sueta at UNC. she is also wonderful. but my question is up until last week i was the only one known in my family to have HCM, my oldest sister age 62 was checked by my doctor and told she also has HCM and will need a myectomy. we are now checking about the alcohol septal ablation. I have three sisters and nieces and nephews now i am wondering should everyone be checked ( echo ) ? has anyone else found HCM to be hereity?

    thank you and to HCMA homepage for all your help.


    [Re: how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: Shannon Santagate (---.galileo.com)

    Date: 01-28-02 16:01


    I have been told by my doctors that if one parent has HCM their child has a 50-50 chance of having it also. My father had it and had 4 children -- 3 ended up with HCM. I guess we were an unlucky family! My sister (who did have HCM) had one child with it and one child without. My brother's son is too young for them to know and my son is also too young. It is DEFINATELY hereditary!

    Hope this helps!

    Shannon Santagate


    [Re: how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: Amy Woods (164.119.203.---)

    Date: 01-28-02 16:31

    It is definitely hereditary. My great-grandfather, grandfather, mother, aunt and uncle all have it. My sister soes not have it and her children have not been tested yet. I would recommend that your family be tested.

    I also had the alcohol ablation (over 4 yrs ago) and highly recommend it.


    [Re: how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: beckley (---.muaa.akrn.chcgil24.dsl.att.net)

    Date: 01-29-02 12:01


    Everyone in your family should be checked.

    In my family, it runs 50%! My grandfather had it and he had 6 kids. 3 of them have it. Of those siblings, 1 had 4 kids, 2 of whom have HCM, 1 had 1 kid who has it and of HIS two kids, 1 has it and 1 is too young to know yet. The last sibling didn't have kids. Of my siblings --the gang o'four-- my brother and I have not had kids. He is not married yet and I won't have any due to my health.

    Easy way to think of it: if one of your parents has it, all the kids should be checked. If a sibling has it, ditto.If you don't have it, then your kids don't need to be checked --unless you marry someone who has it.

    Good luck,



    [Re: how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: Bob (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 01-29-02 17:29

    Hi Sandra,

    Since HCM is known to be hereditary, all first degree relatives ( parents, siblings, and offspring) of a person with HCM should be tested. I suggest you discuss this with an HCM specialist. (What did your "heart doctor" have to say about this?)



    [Re: how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: Midge Rollins (---.obmo.socket.net)

    Date: 01-30-02 21:36

    I have HOCM, my father had it a couple of his siblings most likely had it. 2 of my cousins have it. My children do not have it as of yet they are 31 and 32, but my physician says they should be checked every 5 years and if they develop it then their children need to be checked. My kids were first checked in grade school and then every 5 years since.


    [Re THANK YOU]

    Author: sandra sullivan (---.dialup.mindspring.com)

    Date: 02-03-02 13:00

    I would like to thank everyone for their input to my question. And to tell each of you just knowing that I have all of you to help calm my fears is a God sent. Thank you all from the bottom of my slightly imperfect heart. Also has anyone had to have a second myectomy in later years after first? And I will keep you posted about my sister and my family. Thank You Again


    [Re: how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: sandra sullivan (---.dialup.mindspring.com)

    Date: 02-03-02 13:14

    HI BOB,

    Thank You for the help with my question. And to answer your , when I had my myectomy it was very new in Chapel Hill and they tried alot of things before my myectomy.Pacemaker and drugs they did not help I went into heart failure and they ran out of options. The only thing I was told about family was maybe they should be tested. Two nieces were, echos, but their doctors say they do not see

    it. But then again it is not studied that closely in our state. So needless to say I really worry. Thanks again Bob.


    [Re: how often is HCM seen in family?]

    Author: Lee (---.govital.net)

    Date: 02-06-02 03:42

    Yes its a strong hereditary heart disease, have them all looked at asap.
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.