[Device recalls]

Author: terri (---.tribune.com)

Date: 10-22-02 12:43

An article in today's issue of USA Today says manufacturers of medical devices such as pacemakers aren't required to alert patients of recalls. Instead they alert doctors who decide whether to contact patients. My daughter got an ICD three weeks ago. Can some of you veterans fill me in. Is this correct. If so, that's astounding to me.




[Re: Device recalls]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 10-22-02 12:55

Terri -

It is OK they have procedures in place to notify you for recalls - -it has happen to me twice! the 1st time was a programming recall from Guidant - I happen to be at the hospital the day the recall was announced and saw my Dr. in the hallway (I was there for my niece, not myself!) and said hey is that recall me?? He said Yes we were attempting to call you but you were not home! The second was for one of my leads, it may fracture they said...I needed to have an xray (at there cost) to see if the lead was OK and it was. I was told about this at my regular appointment which was within a few weeks of the recall.

If you think that is not a good enough time frame I suggest you look up how auto recalls and others are done, you may be suprised at how long the process can take to notify people. I have been on both sides of a recall and I do not think they are handled well enough. Did you know that if you bought an item from Home Depot (for example..or any other retail store) and it was recalled they are not able to use your credit card information to notify you! It is a violation of the Credit reporting act! I had a situation last year in my home where my electic themostat caught on fire -- while we were all sleeping -- and set my house on fire. Within 1 hour of the fire being out I was on the web looking up the device..which had been recalled a year or so before because they were mislabled and only able to take 2500amps not the 3300amps they were labled for!! It in fact had caused seveal other fires aroun the US and Canada. I sent in the little card when we bought the device (from Home Depot) which was purchased with a Credit Card... yet no one ever contacted me...when I asked WHY??? The Consumer Product Safety Commision told me those cards are not required to be used for recalls, they are normally used to sell for mailing lists!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So having your doctor as part of the process is a good thing... I have been there the system works.