[Pregnancy and HCM]

Author: Kimberly (64.240.52.---)

Date: 10-21-02 15:24

I was hoping for some advice on my situation. My husband and I had been trying to start a family when I was diagnosed with HCM. It's been about a year since my diagnosis and we want a family more than ever (I'm 32). My CCF cardiologist told me he does not recommend me carrying a child, as the risk of dying is present. I saw a high risk OB-GYN who concurred with the cardiologist. Needless to say, we are devastated by the news, but there is a part of me that still wants to try to have a baby. Am I crazy or should I listen to the docs?


[Re: Pregnancy and HCM]

Author: lisa salberg (208.47.172.---)

Date: 10-21-02 16:28

You as know this is not a yes or no answer as we are all different. What I can say is that most women with HCM can have "normal" pregnancies and deliveries...however you need a team that understands HCM, YOU and the importance of monitoring you and the baby closely the entire time.

Look under the search feature on this message board for other questions re pregnancy and you will find many posts you may find helpful.

I would suggest you be seen by a specialist in HCM to make sure that you are being well treated for your HCM and that there are no factors that would place you or a baby in danger...then make your choice.

FYI - My daughter is now 7, pregnancy was great -- delivery well that was a trick but all worked out well. The key appears to be no epidural.

Best of luck and let us know how things progress.



[Re: Pregnancy and HCM]

Author: Amy Williams (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 10-21-02 16:48


I agree with what Lisa said. I have HCM and have had 3 children. The first two pregnancies were fine. However, during the last one I developed symptoms that I have never had before. V-tach and a-fib. I was advised by 3 cardiologists (including 1 HCM specialist) and 2 ob-gyn's to terminate the pregnancy - I was told that I had a very good chance of dying. I actually left the country to get advice from another HCM specialist... He felt that I would be fine with the correct management. Well, he switched my medication around...it wasn't an easy pregnancy. I spent the last month in the hospital under specialist care. In the end I delivered my baby with no complications.

There has not been a lot of research done on HCM and pregnancy. The research that I am aware of indicates that most women with HCM tolerate pregnancy well. If you decide to become pregnant, please make sure that you are under the care of a HCM specialist, and a high risk ob-gyn that has experience with HCM pregnancies. Also, your baby has a 50% chance of inheriting your condition and should be routinely screened. What ever decision you make you must be as well informed as you can. Good luck. Please feel free to E-Mail me.



[Re: Pregnancy and HCM]

Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

Date: 10-21-02 20:49


My mom's experience was a little different. She is 58 and had her 4 kids back before they knew anything, really. She had us without any problems during labor. She did go in and out of afib several times with some of the pregnancies but was never put on coumadin, that I know of. Anyway, while each of us kids came out ok (2 have HCM), my mom's health was compromised from the combined stress of 4 kids. --having, carrying, raising, etc.

My advice is that if you want kids more than anything else in the world, take LIsa's advice and find the best high risk ob/gyn around, see an HCM specialist, set a plan of action and contigencies, and then sally forth. As long as the HCM doc can give you the aok, meds that aren't teratagenic, and you take it easy, and you don't have more than one or two --the odds are in your favor. Tread carefully and no heroics!!!

good luck,