Author: Krista Donnelly (198.76.142.---)

Date: 10-15-02 10:35

I have an appointment on Nov 13th to see my HCM specialist to get tested! Thanks for all the advice in my last thread about getting referrals. I decided to contact Johns Hopkins again and ask them specifically what they needed, and found a on-line form you could fill out to self-refer. So I did, and was able to give details much more coherently than I could over the phone. They called me back and now I have an appointment! I'm happy - this takes a load off my mind. Just thought I'd share some good news for a change

Krista Donnelly


[Re: Success!]

Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

Date: 10-15-02 10:38

Dear Krista,

We LOOOVE good news!!! Let us know how it goes. You will rest easier now, I'm sure.

take care,