[Hawthorne co q10]

Author: Hayden (---.clear.net.nz)

Date: 10-14-02 23:18

Can anyone please give me any feed back on Hawthorne and co q10 if there is any info on how this can help with cardiomyopathy. Thanks for your time


[Re: Hawthorne co q10]

Author: Elaine Stannard (---.tnt2.krk1.da.uu.net)

Date: 10-15-02 00:53

Hi - I have HCM and take both hawthorne and Q10. Both are recommended by naturopathic doctors and the few nutritionally minded MDs. My naturopath recommended them for me.

My conventional cardiologist knows about my taking not only these but other nutritional supplements in addition to trying to eat a good diet for my HCM heart. I truly believe that my nutritional efforts have made it possible for me to live as long as I have (77) - much longer than my brother (56) and father (71).

Hopefully we will learn to use both conventional and alternative medicine in a complementary way. Glad to hear someone interested in thse ideas. Elaine


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Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

Date: 10-15-02 02:53

Dear Hayden,

There are no studies on the effects of supplements on cardiomyopathy at this time. If you want to take any herbs or supplements, make sure you tell/clear it with your doctor as a lot of things can interfere with your regular medications. Some people can also be allergic (eg I'm allergic to lavendar and camomille --which are really, really hard to avoid these days, let me tell you).

Big no-nos: ginko thins your blood so no combining it with aspirin or coumadin and grapefruit interferes with almost every heart drug. foxglove is the origin of digitalis, a potent heart drug. Just b/c it is an herb doesn't mean it isn't strong.

I'm not anti-supplement; I'm anti-boo-boos.



[Re: Hawthorne co q10]

Author: chuck B (---.208.184.164.Dial1.Baltimore1.Level3.net)

Date: 10-15-02 17:11

There are many books on natural medicine and suppoements. The encyclopedia of natural medicine is one that comes to mind. Also, Andrew Weil has several books out dealing with the subject. Hawthornee, coq10, elcarnatine, magnesium, potassium are all standard recommendations for heart patients. I could nt take hawthorne or el carnatine as they both seemed to increas my rhythm problems but have been on co q 10 for several years.


[Re: Hawthorne co q10]

Author: Tom (---.eosinc.com)

Date: 10-15-02 22:26

I'm interested in this thread and other information I've read online about the benefits of taking co q10. However, I must say that I asked my HCM specialist and he said he would not take it. That's enough for me, at least right now.

Good luck everyone.


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Author: Hayden (---.auckland.clix.net.nz)

Date: 10-15-02 23:36

To all, I went for a general medical with my doc who then sent me onto my specialist. I have had no symptoms and was asked to do a treed mill test which I did and after 5 mins was pulled off, I was then asked to do a halter monitoring test for 24 hours.

Things came back pretty normal but under exercise my hart went up to 120 beats a min.

My specialist said he would not put me on any meds as I was showing and had showen no symptoms prior to this and could see by ultrasound and treed mill that I have a thickening of the left ventricle but has asked me to have a check up every 18 months.

I am 33 years old so thought I would try these out and my blood pressure has gone from 140/90 down to 128/72 my cholesterol was also up to 8.4 it is now 4.3 due to diet and exeercise(walking 5 km's per day) and no meds.

Thanks for the feed back if anyone has more ideas please let me know as all ideas are good, this is a good life and would all ways be to short.

Hayden Dooney the Kiwi