[cardiomyopathy & exercise]

Author: Ellen (---.wc.optusnet.com.au)

Date: 10-04-02 07:04

I am taking a body & movement class, and i have a client with cardiomyopathy, and I was looking for some recommended exercise programs.

If anyone can help please e-mail me!


[Re: cardiomyopathy & exercise]

Author: Glen (---.com)

Date: 10-04-02 08:13

Hi Ellen, your client must get clearance from their HCM specialist before starting, HCM patients vary from absolutely no exercise to moderate depending on their type and severity of HCM. I am allowed moderate cardio exercise, but a lot are not.

If it is Yoga - Tai-Chi type exercise I am not aware of any restriction.

However your client should go back to their HCM Doc with the program for clearance.

Nice of you to be this concerned about your client

Good Luck



[Re: cardiomyopathy & exercise]

Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.n-usslc12.stsn.com)

Date: 10-04-02 08:26

Dear Ellen,

GLen is exactly right. HCM varies so widely that we are always telling patients here that there are no generic exercise guidelines b/c the range of HCM goes from needing a transplant to living the same life as before diagnosis.

Be sure your client gets the AOK from the doc.

thanks for checking!!! Everyone should be so lucky to have such an instructor in their life.



[Re: cardiomyopathy & exercise]

Author: Brian (---.merck.com)

Date: 10-08-02 11:00

I have no restrictions on my exercise except not to get my heart rate over 190bpm. (which is high) I bought a pulse watch that gives me a pulse as I exercise and I find a moderate exercise at around 130bpm works good for me but everyone with HCM will be different. The one good thing about exercise is it part of a heart hearthly program but you must consult you DR first they will prescibe an exercise program for you. In fact most hosptals at least in the Philadelphia area run monitored programs where you can exercise with Nurses there they make sure your vitals are good. If there are any problems you are right there in the hosptial.