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Atrial Fibrillation


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  • Atrial Fibrillation

    [Atrial Fibrillation]

    Author: Rich W (---.server.ntl.com)

    Date: 12-30-01 09:21

    Hello again....

    In October I posted a few questions on A.F and HOCM, the replies were excellent and helped me in asking the right questions of my cardiologist.

    Since then I have had cardioversion ( in hospital for a few hours, the procedure lasting minutes ) to return the heart to its normal rythym and everything has been good so far...I am still on 50mg atenolol and 6mg warfarin and notice no dramatic changes in my thinking! or actions...



    [Re: Atrial Fibrillation]

    Author: Charles Farris (---.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net)

    Date: 01-12-02 22:02


    I am new to this web site and just read your message.

    I also have suffered AF for quite some time, that is up until to two years ago come February. My bouts with this debilitating disease got to the point where I was being electro cardio converted two or three times in a three month period. I had exhausted just about all medications at that time and things were only getting worse. In January 2000 my cardiologist sent me to the Methodist Hospital in the Medical Center in Houston, TX. There I met up with a surgeon by the name of. J. Michael Duncan M.D. He told me of a procedure that was called “Maze Surgery”. In brief, it is an open heart procedure where 8 to 10 incisions are made in the heart muscle. These incisions are then stitched up to form scar tissue. The scar tissue then blocks the erratic electrical signal and prevents the muscle from going into AF. I’m not going to tell you that this is a cure all as of course it is not. It is a means of prevention and an alternative to experimental meds. For me it has been a miracle of science. It will be two years since the surgery on Feb. 22 and I have no symptoms and am off all medications. Two years before the maze surgery, I had the Alcohol ablation to treat HCM. I am happy to say that today at age 49, HCM an AF are in check, there are no limitations to my activities and all I take is an aspirin a day.

    Write or call if you have any questions.

    Charles E. Farris

    Pasadena, TX.

    (281) 998-1637

    [email protected]


    [Re: Atrial Fibrillation]

    Author: Rich Welsh (---.cache.pol.co.uk)

    Date: 05-29-02 18:23

    Hello Charles...

    Thanks for the information..again this will be helpfull when i speak next to my cardiologist..

    8 months since the orignal post and i have been back in AF once.

    I was cardioverted the same day...and feel fine again!

    I have heard of the Alcohol ablation.. but not of the "maze surgery"...

    I will find out more...thanks!

    I have been taken off Atenolol and put on Sotalol...which i am triying to find out more...


    Rich W.

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.