Author: Shani (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 12-21-01 13:21

my daughters father has been diagnosed with this condition, he has told me i need to get our daughter checked out because it is genetic, the trouble is he said that it is not usually seen until adolescence. I am very worried because i know nothing about this condition, could anyone shed some light for me.


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Author: rhonda doss (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 01-05-02 11:13


I also have hcm. my mother died from this at age 31. i have an 18 year old son.

at age 9 we had him evaluated by a cardiologist. his echo (the test of choice for diagnosis) was normal. the cardiologist did ask us to return during adolesence

for follow up and he was diagnosed at age 15 with hcm. i was a different story, as my initial evaluation was done at age 7, when my mother died, and my hcm was already present.

this disease is a thickening of the heart muscle. it's symtoms vary with each person, from no symptoms, to shortness of breath and your heart skipping, to

extreme fatigue and passing out, to sudden death.

there are several options for treatment. i strongly suggset you see a pediatric

cardiologist as soon as possible and go from there.

p.s.- not every child with a family history develops this disease, although it is

genetic it is a 50-50 chance (or so my cardiologist says)

good luck and let me know!!


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Author: Amy Woods (164.119.203.---)

Date: 01-11-02 12:56

My great-grandfather had it, my grand-father had it, my mother had it and all died from complications from it, mainly strokes. In my mothers family, all the children have it, 3 pretty severely, 1 without symptoms. My mom had 2 kids, I have it, my sister does not. My nephew and niece have not been checked yet. I do not have children (due to other health problems not related to my heart.) but have been told that they would have a 50/50 chance of having it.

I had an alcohol ablation 4 yrs ago and am now symptom free and am on no medications.