Author: rhonda (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 12-19-01 18:35

Recently, my cardiologist weaned me off atenelol (after 14 years) and started me on verapamil. She did this to try and improve my shortness of breath and see if it would improve my symptoms of depression. Ever since I have started on it my face becomes red and hot to touch, especially my nose, lips, cheeks and ears. Has anybody ever heard of this?


[Re: verapamil]

Author: Jerilyn (204.255.95.---)

Date: 01-20-02 20:44


I took a Beta-Blocker, too for years. Then I was changed to Cardizem (calcium channel blocker). It is interesting. I had attributed the flushing, red blotches on my face and nose to menopausal symptoms. Guess it wasn't.