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Home at last!


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  • Home at last!

    [Home at last!]

    Author: Nancy Sarvis (---.sjc.marketscore.com)

    Date: 09-20-02 09:04

    I finally got home on Wed. afternoon. It only took me three days. After about 3 hours in the car I just had to stop and lay down for the day. Hubby is taking great care of me. When they checked my pacer in Cleveland, they found one of my wires was recieving info but was not returning info to my heart. I wonder how long I walked around like that? It was no wonder I felt so bad most of the time! Dr. Lever himself came to the pacer check when they found this and was very upset that I had been walking around like that. I was hoping they would just turn the pacer off after the myectomy. (I've never had an arrythmia.) But instead Dr. Lever reprogrammed it to be a back up if my heartbeat were to get out of hand. Sort of on standby, and hope it stays that way. I'm doing real well during the day but I have a hard time at night. I can hardly lay down for more than an hour or two.Then it is up and down. My incision is fairly comfortable most of the time. My neck and back are a very different story. At any rate it is very good to be home to recover. It is good to be back on the message board.


    [Re: Home at last!]

    Author: Sarah B.-Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 09-20-02 09:55

    Dear Nancy,

    I'm glad you are home and recovering. Have you tried extra soft pillows or a sleeping pill to get you through the night? I would talk to the CC/Lever about helping you get some sleep since it is so important to being able to heal --we do a lot of it while we sleep.

    take care,



    [Re: Home at last!]

    Author: Jerry Salzman (---.indy.rr.com)

    Date: 09-20-02 10:38


    Welcome to recovery. It is a slow sometimes frustrating process.



    [Re: Home at last!]

    Author: Lynn S. (---.dsl.dytnoh.ameritech.net)

    Date: 09-20-02 11:06

    Dear Nancy,

    Congratulations on your release and getting home! It must have been a long three days of traveling I'm sure. I know what you mean about difficulty sleeping once getting out of the hospital; although hospital beds aren't my favorite at least you can raise/lower them as you need it. After being home about 4 or 5 days sleeping became easier - I think as the 'kinks' start to go away and the tightness loosens up it helps. My neck and back were quite kinked up, probably from tension along with compensating for my chest I was using other muscles for my moving about. Using a heating pad right before bed seems to help me out.

    Again, congratulations and take it easy! I'm glad to hear that your hubby is taking good care of you! Enjoy being about to mark each week of recovery off - it's nice to say, 'this time 2 weeks ago..., etc.'.

    All the best,

    Lynn Stewart


    [Re: Home at last!]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 09-22-02 13:31

    Welcome "home" Nancy..glad to have you back. Give yourself time to heal and you will be much better in the long run...do not try to jump up and prove your "better"...give your body time to heal, your mind time to unwind and your spirit time to readjust!

    Best to all!



    [Re: Home at last!]

    Author: Karen (---.ym.rnc.net.cable.rogers.com)

    Date: 09-27-02 23:00

    Hi Nancy,

    Its nice to hear you are home again!

    My 26yr old brother just got a pacemaker inplanted today. The doctor's haven't really gave us any information about it which is scary. We aren't even sure what kind of things he can and can't do.

    Is there a lot of pain from the pacemaker? I am just worried about him and what he feels with that in him.

    Is there any advice you can give him to help him recover and make him feel a bit better?? He is depressed because he can't do a lot of the things us loves to do like play hockey.


    [Re: Home at last!]

    Author: Nancy Sarvis (---.ord.marketscore.com)

    Date: 09-28-02 08:53

    Karen, I hope this post finds you brother recovering from getting his pacemaker. I only had some mild pain when I gor mine. Did he get his for an arrythmia (irregular heartbeat)? Mine was supposed to relieve symptoms caused by obstructive HCM and it wasn't at all effective in relieving symptoms. Now it just sits there on standby in case I ever need it. As for being depressed about things he can't do: I would suggest that his family and friends help him focus on things he still can do that he enjoys, or finding new things you can do together for fun. For instance, I love to go camping. I've been known to go alone but I never know when I'll get sick and be stranded all alone, too sick to pack up and drive home. Now my family makes plans several times a year to get me to the woods.We have a great time and it means a lot to me that they want to do things with me that make me so happy. Try helping your brother focus on things he can still do - even if you have to modify it to fit his needs. Hope this has helped.
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.