[Have you heard of this organization?]

Author: Amy N. (---.tnt5.seymour.in.da.uu.net)

Date: 09-18-02 01:06

I was doing my normal search and see what I can find and came across this organization Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation.


Has anyone heard of it before? Is this a reliable/trustworthy place?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Amy N.


[Re: Have you heard of this organization?]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 09-18-02 09:43

Yes, It is run by a woman here in NJ who lost 2 young children to HCM. She is a friend of the HCMA and has attended out past HCMA meeting.

She is attepting to get things moving for the specific goal of finding the cause of cardiomyopathy(in general)in the very young .

I have spoken with her and members of her medical advisory team. She is working toward being able to fund research, her goals are different than that of the HCMA.

I can not say at this point how relieable the site is as it has only just been launched.

Beest wishes,