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Unsustained V-Tach


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  • Unsustained V-Tach

    [Unsustained V-Tach]

    Author: Shayne (192.76.86.---)

    Date: 09-17-02 17:36

    The echo nurse told the doctor I had unsustained V-Tach. Anyone else ever have this? I had V-Tach on a halter monitor a couple of years ago so they put me on Amiodarone, but he meds gave me migranes. I think that's why he wants to put an ICD in.

    I'm going to try to get to the Cleveland Clinic next spring for a "specialist" opinion.

    Just curious if anyone has had this.

    Another question:

    My septal thickness is 1.9 at the center, but only 1.1 near the valve. Which is commonly used? Should my myectomy have covered my entire septum or just near the valve?


    [Re: Unsustained V-Tach]

    Author: Sarah B.-Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 09-17-02 19:48

    Dear Shayne,

    Yes, vtach happens to good percentage of HCMers. And yes, vtach is a red flag and one of the risk factors for sudden death, which is why an ICD is a good idea.

    The other risk factors are a septal wall of 3+, fainting, low blood pressure during exercise, heart attack and a family history of sudden death. Please read the thread called "measurement of the septal" for a discussion of risk factors.

    Considering that you have 2 documented episodes of vtach, it is likely that you have had some undocumented ones too. I would move my visit to the CC up to as early as you can. I wouldn't want to wait around till spring if I knew I was having vtach.

    As for your myectomy, I don't know enough about them to answer your question. However, the stuff I've seen indicates that what they did was typical. I think they avoid cutting anything they don't have to. You would use the bigger number as your "number."



    [Re: Unsustained V-Tach]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 09-18-02 09:48

    If they have attempted to place you on amio - - it appears that you are in a position of high risk for arrthymia's... an ICD is the best protection for you. Why wait until the spring?? if you need an ICD... than move forward on it.

    If you have already had a myectomy... then your septal measurement at the "top" of the septem will be smaller, no they do not remove the tissue all the way down the septem. Regardless of the measurement of the septum... your having VT... this is serious.... If you had your myectomy at Cleveland call them and let them know what is going on they maybe able to advise you by phone as to what to do next...even if it means going back to Cleveland sooner.



    [Re: Unsustained V-Tach]

    Author: Midge Rollins (---.obmo.socket.net)

    Date: 09-18-02 16:02

    I had a myectomy 21 years ago, and v-tach and v-fib episodes 6 years ago. I do now have an ICD. You need to move up your visit to Cleveland. You will rest easier with this little emergency room in your chest. Midge


    [Re: Unsustained V-Tach]

    Author: Barbara (---.triad.rr.com)

    Date: 09-23-02 23:57

    Hello Shayne,

    You are not alone I have had the same problem with the vtach. I had a defibrillator implanted 2 years ago. I seem to be doing ok it has never shocked me yet but they say the pacemaker part of it is working very hard, so I guess it's doing the job it's supposed to do

    Good luck with your situation

    Take care,



    [Re: Unsustained V-Tach]

    Author: Elizabeth (---.fuse.net)

    Date: 09-25-02 09:28

    Dear Shayne,

    I just had an ICD implanted at the Cleveland Clinic. (Like, Friday, September 20th.) I was recording non-sustained episodes of v-tach on an event monitor and my specialist at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Lever, was more than certain that I needed an ICD. I would recommend that you get to Cleveland (or any other HCM specialist) sooner than this spring. From my experience this past week, I would say that V-tach isn't something you want to ignore.

    I too have had a myectomy and the difference from where they cut and where they stopped looks drammatic on the echo machine. The local echo tech's were completely confused the first time they saw me post-op and didn't know how to measure the left ventricle!

    Let me know how everything goes!

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.