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  • Amiodarone/Cordarone


    Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 09-06-02 10:44

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a question for myself (possibly the first I'm posting here!). I am considering switching to amiodarone and would like to hear everyone's experience with it. I've been told by some that it is a miracle drug and I know others who have had all of the side effects and had to stop very early.

    I am already as pale as a person can get without being an albino and burn in about 15 minutes, so I can't imagine I could get even more sensitive to the sun and still be able to just walk around unless I convert to Islam. (a common amio side effect is photosensitivity.)

    Thanks for your input,

    Sarah B.


    [Re: Amiodarone/Cordarone]

    Author: Glen (---.com)

    Date: 09-06-02 12:00

    Sarah, I was switched to Amio from Bi-Quin 6 months ago, I was s a lttle apprehensive because of the possible side affects and thought I was doing OK on the Bi-Quin, but what a difference, I feel much better on the Amio and as I have said on previous postings I have not detected a single premature beat or A-fib since being on it.

    I was given all the warnings about sun sensitivity, Liver, Lungs, as a matter of fact I just got back from my GP this morning, I had a chest x-ray and gave blood for my liver test. This is the second time and the first came back fine. I have to go back every 3 months for the liver test and 6 months for a chest x-ray until I see the Cardio next year.

    Now the sun sensitivity, MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A MINIMUM #30 SUN BLOCK, dispite the warning I went golfing on a nice sunny day without the sun block and although I didn't get burnt bad, I was much redder than I normally would have been. I have never gone out without it since and have been fine.

    Dr Wigle my Cardio claims it is the best drug of it's type as long as you can tolarate it, so far so good with me.

    I'm sold, I would recommend you give it a shot.

    Good Luck



    [Re: Amiodarone/Cordarone]

    Author: henry krautter (---.newark-08rh15rt.nj.dial-access.att.net)

    Date: 09-06-02 22:19

    I was on Amiodarone for Two months and had cardioversion three time with out success. I am now off all drug and in Af all the time. I feel great as long as do everything ultra slow. As soon as I speed up my actions I get out of Breath.


    [Re: Amiodarone/Cordarone]

    Author: Amelia Haynes (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 09-07-02 12:26

    I was on Amiodarone for approx two years, 1998 - 2000, with no knowledgeable side effects; however, I was so apprehensive over taking it. Everything I read at that time suggested its use as that for "end stage" HCM and I was not convinced that I fit that category, so was very glad when they took me off it. It was given to me for excessive shortness of breath which was later determined to be a pacemaker fault rather than the HCM itself.


    [Re: Amiodarone/Cordarone]

    Author: Pat-Sub (---.intrepid.net)

    Date: 09-09-02 22:41

    I have been on Amiodarone for 16 months and so far have experienced no side effects. I do have to watch sun exposure but I have not had any arrthymias of any concern. I have an ICD and they check it out every three months. I think it is a good drug, but like all of them, not everyone can take it. You can give it a try, seems like most people who have problems, start to experience them early on.

    Good luck!


    [Re: Amiodarone/Cordarone]

    Author: Shayne (192.76.86.---)

    Date: 09-12-02 11:12

    I was on Amiodarone and had severe migrains. I stopped the drug and the migranes stopped. Man were they bad!
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