[Hibernia goes Hollywood??]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 09-02-02 13:42

Just a little light trivia here... Over the past 2 weeks a film crew has been in my town and you will soon be able to see Hibernia on the BIG screen!

Hibernia is a small part of Rockaway Township which is located in Morris County NJ, about 30 miles west of NYC.

Today the film crew is parked at the post office the HCMA uses (PO BOX 306!), they are using the library across the street as a set. The Library is an old church; in fact I was the last child Christened at the church (me an Micheal Barkey) before the new church was opened!

The movie is going to be called the something "Station" when I get the entire title I will post it.

They also filmed in the deli up the street, driving down the road around the corner from me "Green Pond Rd", at Smiths Tavern, and areas around Rockaway.

The movie will star one of the guys from 3rd watch, the red head from 6 feet under, a girl from Dawson’s Creek and the “little person” that use to appear on the Stienfield show from time to time (the guy with the beard)…As you can see I am not very good at names of T.V. personalities.

I will fill you in more as I know more, while this has NO real importance whatsoever…heck its fun that you will all be able to see the home of the HCMA at your local theater!

FYI – The reason why I chose the Hibernia post office for the location of the HCMA’s address (I could have used 2 others)…was because the 1st person my family lost to HCM was my grandfather, he lived in Hibernia. He built his own home about ½ mile up the street from the Post office and was a member of the Hibernia fire department, which is also up the street from the post office.

There is a piece of HCMA history for you!



[Re: Hibernia goes Hollywood??]

Author: Larry (---.ppp.fcc.net)

Date: 09-03-02 12:51

Just to expound a wee bit:

The movie now being filmed is not the first to be done in the area. The silent classic "The Great Train Robbery" was done just a few miles up the road from Hibernia.

"The Sopranos" is filmed in other areas of New Jersey, however it is part of local folklore, that people in similar professions to those portrayed on "The Sopranos" may have in the past used some of the once open vertical mineshafts in Hibernia to dispose of ill fitting cement overcoats worn by unwilling models; one perhaps even in a Caddilac.

The reason that Lisa was the last baby christened in the old church was that they figured she would be a tough act to follow. I'd say they have been right so far.