[Fly or drive home?]

Author: Rhonda (---.chartersc.net)

Date: 08-31-02 20:43

Hi all,

my husband is scheduled to have a myectomy/ mitral valve repair in a couple of weeks. He wants to drive( me drive, of course) -which is fine- but was told it would be better to fly home afterwards. We live about 9 hours away from the Cleveland Clinic. My husband thinks he will be fine reclining in the seats in the van, sleeping most of the way home, and says that it will take aprox. 6 hours to get home by plane anyway-including luggage pick up time, layover time, drive home from the Charlotte airport time.

Has anyone driven home after this surgery? I will be doing the driving, of course.

Question number two is how long aproximately would the hospital stay be after the surgery. I was told 5-7 days, but curious if that is about the "norm" stay ?(barring any complications, of course)

Thank you, rhonda


[Re: Fly or drive home?]

Author: Ada (---.netcarrier.net)

Date: 08-31-02 20:56

Hi, Ronda,

I was in the hospital for six days with no complications. Two days after I was released, I had a long difficult day of travel home. I had three planes. Then I had a two hour car ride. Though I was exausted from the travel, I did not have any difficulty with the planes or the car ride. Of course, everyone is different.

If you do drive, make sure you schedule frequent rest stops. It's important after the myectomy that your husband get up and walk around about every two hours.

Best wishes,



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Author: Board Moderator: Sarah Beckley (---.28.33.97.Dial1.Chicago1.Level3.net)

Date: 09-01-02 01:12

I think the everyone is different really applies here. Hubby may even feel more comfortable if he can lie down on the van floor with his own pillow and blankie.



[Re: Fly or drive home?]

Author: Jerry Salzman (192.35.79.---)

Date: 09-01-02 04:57


The official book here at the clinic tells you to stop every hour and walk 10 minutes if you are driving. We asked Dr. Smedira and he said every 2 hours is fine, so it really depends on the patient. On hospital stays you eventually get to the point you do not care when they will release you because you know you will leave when ready. They are pretty quick at releasing so 5-7 days can be correct. I have been here 5 days now and even with my early issues on pressure, I am now close to leaving. However, I no longer even ask when, I drove 6 hours because I wanted it done right, pushing to leave too early would just be plain stupid.


PS you will note that a computer is available on the patient floor, it can get bust though, I got through because it is 4:45 am.


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Author: Rhonda (---.sc.charter.com)

Date: 09-01-02 14:33

Thank you for your responses! I think we have pretty much decided to drive. My husband assures me that the way we are going there will be a Starbucks every so often!

Glad you and Lynn are doing so well. It is an encouragement to us!

Good health to all- Rhonda