[Surgery Date]

Author: Dolly W (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 08-26-02 22:05

I finally have a scheduled surgery date! NEVER in my life did I think that I would be excited about having surgery. But here it is and I'm happy! By the way, I've never been cut on before, so that part IS freaking me out.

Anyway, October 11th is the date for surgery at Mayo Clinic with Dr. Nishimura.

I'll keep you posted!


[Re: Surgery Date]

Author: Kris (---.dialup.netins.net)

Date: 08-26-02 22:53


You probably have heard this before but you just can't go wrong with Mayo.

I had a my septal miectamy surgery two weeks ago today. It was done at St. Marys by Dr. Dearani. Great man as well as a great Dr. And the staff at St.Marys was incredible also. ICU staff and especially the 6th floor staff was the best.I just wish I could remember all thier name. Kim Johnson, Paul, Lynnette, and all the rest were great. And the guy who kept yelling" Kris how you doing" every time I would go for a walk. They are some very special people that work there and I'm glad I had the oppertunity to go there.

I also had my pacer "upgraded if you will" to a ICD two weeks ago this thurs.There again great people and a great service.

After surgery they teach you quite a bit about what to expect and about the future eating and etc. Exercise and the whole ball of wax is covered as well.

I am about 40 mins. from the heart specialists in Iowa but I think the trip to Rochester is a much better move.

Sorry to ramble on so long. But rest assured they will take excellent care of you and God Bless and Good Luck!


[Re: Surgery Date]

Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

Date: 08-26-02 23:02


I stayed at St. Mary's a few times myself, and they were incredible. If you see Dr. Klarich, Dr. Halligan and/or Dr. Kim, say "HI!!!!" from Sarah Kramer (that was the name I had when I was there).

Anyway, good luck and keep us posted and check out the web site Jerry Salzman is using to keep everyone updated on his surgery -it is pretty cool.

take care