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Waddling Ducks in the Same Direction


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  • Waddling Ducks in the Same Direction

    [Waddling Ducks in the Same Direction]

    Author: Nancy Sarvis (---.access.naxs.com)

    Date: 08-18-02 23:20

    I have an appointment with Dr. Lever on Sept. 9. Last week I sent a video of a TEE, and a CD of a heart carth done in Feb.2002 along with the reports. My septum measures 1.9. The doctors here say I'm not a good canidate for ablation because the area of my septum that would need ablation is very elongated and would require 3-4 "heart attacks". These same doctors also say "Chest pain is not a symptom of HOCM". Frustrating !!! isn't it? Along with my information to Dr. Lever I sent a letter asking if there was any way to get a myectomy while I was there if he felt one would be beneficial. I've been on numerous drugs and all helped short term, as did the pacemaker therapy. My question is - Will Dr. Lever most likely contact me before my appointment? We will be travelling from Tennessee and don't want to make any more trips than necessary. How long should I wait before I start to make a nusiance of myself. My Pastor and his wife want to come for support if I'll be getting surgery but I'd hate for them to make a trip just for a consult. This is basically what I sent in the letter to Dr. Lever. Do any of you have any idea if he will contact me prior to the appointment? My info should have arrived last Wednesday so it hasn't been that long. Just trying to get all my ducks to waddle in the same direction and could use advice from any one that has had success in this area. Thanks.


    [Re: Waddling Ducks in the Same Direction]

    Author: Jerry Salzman (---.indy.rr.com)

    Date: 08-18-02 23:50


    I saw Dr. Asher at the Cleveland Clinic. I called his office before hand and sent some records, and he did call me back. I would call Dr. Lever's office and talk to them and ask your question. I am sure they will give you an answer. They are also very good at scheduling for out of towners. I did have a consult first and decided on a myectomy. Since then they have scheduled a cath, echo and surgery all for one trip.



    [Re: Waddling Ducks in the Same Direction]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 08-19-02 08:04

    I ditto what Jerry saws about the out of towners.. I would give them a few days with the records then call...Maybe Thursday-Friday this week...make sur they got them and ask if they have had a chance to review...

    good luck



    [Re: Waddling Ducks in the Same Direction]

    Author: Amelia Haynes (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 08-19-02 10:06

    In October 2001 I had a TEE prescribed by my local cardiologist. I sent it to Dr. Lever; he looked at it, took it to Dr. Smidera, an appointment was made by Dr. Lever and surgery scheduled, based on his findings. He did call me immediately following his receipt of the TEE. I knew that the surgery was scheduled before I left home. I think he will do the same for you. Why don't you check with Karen, his secretary who will explain all this to you.
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