[Thanks Lisa!!!]

Author: robin (---.246.134.8.Dial1.Dallas1.Level3.net)

Date: 08-11-02 18:06

We just returned from mayo in minnesota. the drs a great, it was so nice to finally talk to someone who knows something about this disease. i would highly encourage any one has has this diagnosis to get to one of these clinics.my husband will need either surgery or the ablation done we didn,t get a chance to vist with dr nishimura ,but we did see dr dearani. so we will return in three or four weeks. thanks to this site we have learned alot and it has saved us alot of aggravation and more visits to drs who aren,t knowledgeable on this problem. so we hope soon husband will be feeling better and can return to work and life!!!!!!!!!!!!


[Re: Thanks Lisa!!!]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 08-14-02 10:02


You are VERY WELCOME! I am glad you had a good visit and are on the path to a treatment program that will work for your husand!

Let us know how things go at the next appointment.

Best wishes!