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Author: Tim S (---.lexis-nexis.com)

Date: 07-31-02 08:15

FYI ... I found this on the Internet this morning ...

See <a href="http://www.austinheartfoundation.com/fp.html">

http://www.austinheartfoundation.com/fp.html</a> for more information


CHAMPIONSHIP HEARTS, a young athlete heart screening program, (formerly known as YACHTS) is the first project of its kind in Texas. Through CHAMPIONSHIP HEARTS, Central Texas High School athletes* can be screened for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) — a serious heart condition that is the leading cause of sudden, cardiac death in young people, affecting roughly one in 500. Young athletes represent the majority of fatalities from HCM, due to stress on the heart during strenuous activity. HCM rarely has identifiable symptoms.

However, HCM may easily be diagnosed with an echocardiogram (ECHO), a non-invasive picture of the heart. A conventional ECHO screening in an office with a cardiologist is expensive and usually not covered by most insurance plans. Costs would well exceed one million dollars to screen the approximately 4,000 high school athletes in Travis County alone.

Due to a generous grant from Schlotzsky's Deli, we are able to offer this screening to Central Texas High School athletes. Using a "2-minute" ECHO technique, the same screening with a cardiologist may be done on these athletes for a fraction of the cost.

Austin Heart cardiology practice has successfully used the mobile ECHO technique over the last five years to screen University of Texas football and basketball players. Since HCM typically appears in adolescence, it only makes sense to extend these screenings to younger athletes.

The Austin Heart Foundation and Schlotzsky's Deli are committed to saving young lives from HCM. CHAMPIONSHIP HEARTS is an innovative, high-quality, cost-effective method of identifying students with HCM. Cardiologists from Austin Heart will donate over 75 hours of their time this year. If a problem is detected, students will be referred to Children's Cardiology Associates in Austin. (512) 454-1110.

The suggested donation for screenings is $15.00 to help cover costs.

For additional information, contact Rocky Epstein, Austin Heart Foundation Manager at (512) 206-3697 or email [email protected].


What a great program. I wish all area schools and Heart Associations would do this! - Tim


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Author: Sarah B-Board Moderator (---.ipt.aol.com)

Date: 07-31-02 11:58

So do we, Ti, so do we!