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  • Cardioversion

    I am having a cardioversion done. Have any of you had this done? Have you felt them shock you? I am scared but also looking for to it so that I can feel better. Would like to hear your experiences. Feel free to Yahoo IM me at caroline_f2002 or email at [email protected]

    Caroline, 30s female

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    Hi Caroline:

    Do not worry (at least too much...). Electric cardioversion is a very safe and standart procedure. The doctor will put you under full anesthesia (for a few minutes) and you will not feel anything. Afterward you'll might have a very slight burn in your chest in the place where they have put the paddles.

    I have had about 6 electric cardioversions done. Please post or email me ([email protected]) if you have questions.

    Just a question. Do you have atrial fibrillation (or flutter)? For how long?



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      I trust all will go well with your cardioversion. We will pray for you. Keep us posted.




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        Wishing you the best and we will pray for you
        John & Connie


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          If you go to the search section and type in cardioversion you will find a lot of information that others have shared about their experiences with this procedure. I'm praying that this will be a success and you start to feel better soon. Take good care of yourself and let us know how this turns out for you.

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          Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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            Caroline - Welcome. Best wishes with your cardioversion. You've come to the right place for information and support to help you through. Have you had a chance to call Lisa? The number for the HCMA office is at the bottom of the page. Please keep us posted. Linda


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              I emailed Caroline directly but wanted to post this for posterity:

              you won't have any memory of the cardioversion as they sedate you heavily and while you aren't actually under full anethesia, it will seem that way.

              the burns like a bad sunburn on your chest will be the worst part.



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                Normal Sinus

                Hi everyone,

                I just wanted to write a quick note to say I had the cardioversion on Friday and am in normal sinus rhythm. They said my heart was stubborn and it took a few shocks and higher joules. I had a conscious sedation and saw what they were doing but didn't feel any pain. It really wasn't as bad as I thought. I would have it again for sure. I will write again soon. Have a few things to this morning.

                Thanks for all of your support.



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                  Caroline, I'm glad to hear things went pretty well for you! Linda


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                    Hi Caroline

                    I'm glad that the procedure was good. I believe it is the "unknown" that we fear.

                    Hope you continue in sinus rhythm.

                    Take care


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                      So glad to hear you are back in rhythm! Now stay there!!.. Continue to feel well.

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