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Diastolic dysfunction


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  • Diastolic dysfunction

    [Diastolic dysfunction]

    Author: karla (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 07-22-02 10:48

    Hi All...

    My question (for today, anyways) is two-fold... no matter where I search, it is HERE that I find the best info! (Thanks, Lisa, Sarah and ALL!)

    Just what exactly is diastolic dysfunction? I see mentioned several times on hubby's med reports. Also, it mentions mild triscuspid and pulmonic regurgitation....?????

    He is on a beta blocker ....metroprolol (Lopressor) 50 mg., but it doesn't seem to help alleviate his symptoms much if at all. From what I have read on the boards, it doesn't appear that he would be a candidate for any type of procedure - his septum and thickness don't seem to be within the range...

    My concern is for his quality of life...he just doesn't feel well most of the time and is really fatigued. (wondering if the meds worsened that?) Should another med be added or maybe another one would work better?

    He did buy an exercise bike to get some exercise out of the heat - he was told to exercise, but my concern is him doing it when he feels tired; but he's determined to fight it! He's got that typical low BP...so am a little concerned about this new venture of his. Appreciate guidelines on this, too.

    OOPS! Guess my question for today was more than two-fold!



    [Re: Diastolic dysfunction]

    Author: Dawn (---.cl.ri.cox.net)

    Date: 07-23-02 11:23

    Good morning Karla,

    I agree--the best info and support I find is on this site. My family is also new to HCM. My mom was dx back in April.

    Can't help with the medication questions--I think someone who takes Lopressor would be better at answering this.

    Diastolic dysfunction--if I understand all of this (Lisa and Sarah, correct me if I'm wrong), diastolic is the resting/ relaxation phase of a heartbeat. Since the ventricle is enlarged, it does not relax completely.

    Regurgitation- The backward flow of blood throught a valve. Blood should only go one way through a valve-out. But your hubby's valves let some of the blood flow back in.

    Procedures are based on more than just thickness. I just learned this too. Check out posting POTPOURRI.

    Quality of life is a big issue, it seems to be the goal of all treatments.



    [Re: Diastolic dysfunction]

    Author: Sarah B-Board Moderator (---.ipt.aol.com)

    Date: 07-23-02 15:20

    Dear Dawn, yes you are correct on all counts.

    Dear Karla,

    metropolol is only one of many, many medications and most HCMers end up on a mix of a beta-blocker and an antiarrhythmia medication or on one of the stronger medications like dofetide, sotolol or amiodarone (with the last one being the most popular).

    Please call the office to get the name of an HCM specialist to send your husband to so you can find out what all of his options are. We really can't tell you over the message board what they are.

    take care



    [Re: Diastolic dysfunction]

    Author: kevin finamore (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 07-23-02 22:22

    karla, i read a report from a cleveland clinic echo that said i have a stage 3 dyastolic dysfunction and i asked my doc here in denver about how bad that might be and he said it was just a number and that it wasn't as bad as it sounded?that's all i know about it except that it means that my ventricles don't fill as much as they should and i have chf symptoms because of it. if any one knows if that is a really bad stage dysfunction,please let me know so i can press them on it.also i was woundering about the long term effects of chf on my other organs?it seems it is going to be along time before i qualify for a transplant and i don't want to have multiple organ failure when they do.thanks for any info and i hope i helped with your questions karla. p.s. i love this web site!!!!! kevin
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.

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