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Very Bad Night!


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  • Very Bad Night!

    I would appreciate any input & suggestions any of you have to offer.

    Last night @ 2am I awoke, totally unable to breathe (this has happenned B4) I heards "crackles & weezing). I sat in bed trying to slow it all down (meditate). At 3am I took 3 Bumex (my diurectic) & some herbal tea. My breathing never returned to normal & I was unable to lie down. This is similar to the experience I had 2 days ago. P.s. I had my Myectomy almost 2 years ago & do not have any outflow gradient!
    At 8am, I called my Cardio who said to come right in. He ran in EKG (no diff from previous) & said my lungs sounded clear. He thought there was a chance I had gone into AFib, while sleeping & that caused the SOB.
    He sent me home with a 30 days TTM & told me to up my diuretics to 4 x2, to keep me out of the ER, over the weekend. He said my lungs sounded "clear", but thought I was in CHF. He made an appointment for my return on Tuesday, to see how I'm progressing.
    What does everyone think about this? It got very scary during the night. I hate the ER, I don't think they can really help me. What should I do?

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    I hate the ER too, but not being able to breathe is an emergency, plain and simple. And the longer you wait, the harder it is to get better in that kind of situation.

    I'm glad you were able to see your doctor so quickly, but as much as the ER sucks, dying sucks more.

    Take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing.



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      Is it possible a reaction to the BetaBlockers? Some of them may cause bronchial and/or muscle spasms resulting in SOB. But here, the reason is not cardiovascular but muscular. Has your dosage changed recently?
      \"Hope is disappointment postponed\"

      Dx in 2004, first symptoms 20 years ago? Obstructed, A-fib, family history!

      Combined Morrow and (left atrial) Maze procedures & PVI at St. Antonius Hospital, Netherlands, March 28, 2013.

      Meds (past) propranolol, metoprolol, disopyramide, sotalol, amiodaron, aspirin, dabigatran, acenocoumarol.

      Meds (current) sotalol, dabigatran, furosemide.


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        Hi Ronnie

        I am in no way shape or form a doctor. I do, however, have adult onset asthma. This wheezing and crackling sounds a lot like what I will get 3 or 4 times a year at night while trying to sleep. I can take a puff off my inhaler (which I do about once a week anyway) and given a few minutes it will go away. My Cardiologist doubted that I had asthma and thought that my problems were from HCM and being obstructed. I took the Methol Cholate (or something like that) challenge and indeed I do have it. Just an idea

        Every day is a present I was diagnosed when I was 38, I have asthma which made me assume it was ashtma, getting old, and being about 30 lbs over what I should be. I have days when I would rather not know. Myectomy club 3Jan06 CCF, my life is so much better!!!!


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          Yes, it might be a bout of a-fib - this can cause back pressure into the lungs, which makes you SOB. I sure hope it works out and is nothing serious.

          Take care,

          Age 38, dad of two young children, dx 1996, myectomy March 2005, a-fib issues, due for ICD soon.