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laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM


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  • laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM

    [laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM]

    Author: Sue Harry (---.215.216.204.Dial1.Tampa1.Level3.net)

    Date: 07-18-02 12:02

    I am recently new to the HCMA forum but in checking back through the messages I have not found any reference to this. Just recently when researching more about my voice problem I came across several articles that addressed this type of paraylsis as relates to the increased pressures in some areas of the heart with certain forms of cardiomyopathy. Last fall my voice became hoarse and my ENT specialist diagnosed me with this paralysis = cause unknown. My left vocal cord is totally paralyzed. The only mention about my cardiac situation came up when I told him what medication I was on for "IHSS".

    Since I recently have had more cardiac problems and been hospitalized I asked my cardiologist about this, but he said it was not connected. I have increased pressures in my heart because of the disease, but he did not think they were high enough to cause this. Since there is no other reason for why this happend I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

    Thankyou ------- Sue


    [Re: laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (208.47.172.---)

    Date: 07-18-02 12:39

    Sue -

    You got me on this one...I'll do some checking around and see what I find.



    [Re: laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM]

    Author: Susan Tyrrell (208.35.56.---)

    Date: 07-19-02 11:00


    Hello. Read what you said. I have not experienced nerve paralysis but have been telling my cardiologist about pains in my neck that sometimes radiate into my jaws. He also says one has nothing to do with the other. I was told at the age of 22 I have IHSS and now am 39. I posted on the board this morning. I too am trying to find some answers to all my questions. Good luck!!

    Susan Tyrrell


    [Re: laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM]

    Author: Sue Harry (---.58.193.144.Dial1.Tampa1.Level3.net)

    Date: 07-19-02 19:18

    Hi Susan,

    With certain cardiac conditions pain radiating into the jaw can be significant. As always your Dr. is the best one to judge what is happening with you and what it means. Last fall as some of my cardiac problems were increasing I also became more and more hoarse. There seem to be some environmental issues at work that make it worse, but the cause could not be determined. I am anxious to see what

    Lisa finds out about this from her sources.

    Oh yes, just to be clear on this, I never have had any pain with my throat problem. Just the nerve paralysis ( my left vocal cord does not function) and the resulting hoarseness.

    This is a great forum for patients and I am so glad I found it. My best to you also.

    Sue Harry


    [Re: laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 07-19-02 19:30

    Dear Sue's!

    Nothing yet on the voice thing BUT... BIG issue hear MEN and WOMEN have differnt types of "CHEST" pain. It is well documented that women have "chest" pain th the JAW, BACK and shoulders...not in the CHEST and arms like men. Most research had been on men years ago and this is where the definition of chest pain came from . This misinformation has been linked to the # of woman who do not seek treatment to heart disease because they do not recognize the symptoms.

    By the way years ago I too was told my back and jaw pain had nothing to do with my heart. Amazing what you can find with a little research these days, thank God for the internet!

    Best to all!



    [Re: laryngeal nerve paralysis with HCM]

    Author: Debbie (---.dnvr.dial.netzero.com)

    Date: 07-23-02 12:51

    Dear Sue,

    My mom suffered with the same problem with her voice. She was diagnosed with IHSS about 10 years ago. Her health steadily declined to the point that she received a heart transplant last October 4th. She passed away October 19th, due to complications from the transplant.

    About a year and a half before the transplant, she started having severe problems with her voice. It sounded like the "frog in my throat" problem, but it never went away.

    My mom's heart was quite enlarged, and she, like you, had high pressures.

    The pressures, in fact, became a huge issue in the transplant. The Dr.'s put Mom on medications last April to try to get those pressures down to the place where they could safely do a transplant. (It was explained that if the pressures are too high, the heart would be immediately too stressed to survive a transplant.) By October, her pressures were borderline in regard to the transplant. In fact, the Dr.'s barely agreed to do the procedure when the heart became available.

    Anyway, my mom had a couple of good days after the transplant, before developing the complications that ultimately took her life. Guess what? Her voice was back to normal! We all commented on that. Getting the new heart had totally improved her voice. We knew that her vocal problems stemmed from her heart problems, and this certainly seems to bear that out.

    Good luck to you, Sue. Hope this helps you a little.
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.