Author: Mary Catania (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 07-17-02 14:52

To All You ICDers Out There:

I am scheduled to have my ICD implanted on Tue., July 23. I've asked many questions which have been answered on the message board, but the one thing that remains for me to settle is this: how much help will I need at home? My children no longer live at home; my husband plans to be off work until the following Mon. My 83-year-old mother feels that she must come all the way from PA and stay with us for a week or two to help, especially after my husband returns to work. Do you think that is necessary? I've heard that the pain is manageable. But will I be very tired? Too tired after six days to do for myself? Actually, if my mother does come, I'd really like it to be because we want to spend some quality time together rather than because I can't do much for myself after my husband returns to work. Also, I am a piano teacher. How long before I can actively teach? I realize that I might not have the energy or strength needed to play the piano, and I will need to be careful about the leads, but what about teaching? Do you think that 2 weeks will be enough time off? Of course, everyone is different, but I usually take a little longer than the average person to recuperate from surgery.

Mary Catania


[Re: ICD]

Author: Lisa Salberg (208.47.172.---)

Date: 07-17-02 16:06

Well if you have not noticed I can be a bit of a workaholic so take that into concideration - After my 1st ICD (which was worse as far as pain) I was back to work on the 5th day (not driving mind you), After the 2nd ICD I did not feel strong enough to return to work for 8 days (this drove me nuts!). While I know I am not "normal" this is what I did.

So you should be find to take care of yourself after 1 week and teaching should be fine after 2 weeks, however you should talk to your doctor about all of this 1st.

Good Luck Mary! and let us know how you do.


Lisa Salberg


[Re: ICD]

Author: Sue (---.howard01.md.comcast.net)

Date: 07-17-02 17:26

Mary--I'm not very sensitive to pain so take this for what it's worth. I had my ICD implanted Friday a.m. and went to work for a full day today, Wednesday. I tried to go yesterday, just for a little while, and just couldn't bring myself to do it even though I thought I felt okay. Guess my body was telling me something.

You might well be able to spend some quality time with your mom in the second week post "procedure." Just don't plan to do much with your left arm---including wearing or trying on t-shirts. I'm limited to button front shirts or blouses because of being forbidden to put my arm back or up above my head. Interestingly, the doctor didn't say anything about not driving but there is no way I can wear a seat belt on my left shoulder so I'm driving (only short distances) with the shoulder belt around my ribs. This is not recommended (in fact it may be illegal in Maryland). Don't know how long it will be until I can be a safely seatbelted driver. Next week we will be on vacation and my husband can drive.

Good luck with your implant!



[Re: ICD]

Author: Anthony deSpirito (---.rasserver.net)

Date: 07-17-02 17:52

Mary, I'm like lisa a workaholic I had my ICD implanted on a wensday and was back to work on monday. I had a little trouble sleeping the first two days but I think it was just anxioty. You should be ok to spend some time with mom in the second week. I was told not to drive for two weeks I waited a week and a half. Its been three months now and I'm pretty much back to normal out on my boat and fishing. Hope this helps good luck Tony.