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first bike ride, pounding heart!!


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  • first bike ride, pounding heart!!

    A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was warmer, I took my first ride of the season. I didn't go far, couple of miles is all. Took my time, just wanted to see how the old legs would do. When I got back home my heart was racing, I mean racing, my legs were a little rubber too, but that's another story. Any body else ever get a very rapid or fast beating heart with light exercise? It's the first time I can ever recall this happening to me. Thank you.
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    Sometimes my heart races when I am doing nothing at all. The pounding is very forceful. Then it simmers down again. With moderate exercise I have not noticed anything more than the usual abnormalities.


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      Sometimes I excercise and feel fine, the other day I walked up the stairs in my house and had to lay down on the guest bed because my heart was punding and I got dizzy. I dont often exhibit many symptoms but there have certainly been times where I over did it and had my heart go a little crazy. Do you have a specialist and has he reccomended how much excercise is safe for you? Just be careful and listen to your body. Maybe next time take a slightly shorter ride and work your way up to more. My specialist said that I could run if I wanted to (there is no danger of that though ) He just said I should make sure and work my way up slowly.
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        I too am a bike rider, and because you said your legs were wobbly I think you may have gone a little too far a little too fast. When starting out the new year I only ride around the block a few times and take my time. The muscles you use are not used to being used like that and you are also in an unfamiliar pose in that you could be leaning forward too far and not getting enough air into your lungs.

        I sometimes will get the same reaction with all of the stuff you have but I will feel like I am not getting enough air into my lungs. After about 3 months of training I will ride my bike across the state of Iowa, very slowly, okay, very very slowly, but I will do it.

        Just my 2 cents worth

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          hi everyone,scottonabike,thats amazing that you can ride that far.I have road my bike slowly a few miles at a time.I take my baby in her carrier and we have a lot of fun.once I began not feeling right a little queasy and I stopped and walked for a while.I feel that especially with the weather getting nicer drinking a lot of water is key.last summer I think I was a little dehydrated and I had palpitations for 2 days.ALSO COOKSNJ are you taking any medications?I take toprol ,verapamil,and my heart for the most part doesnt race.I sometimes if I push myself to hard will experience that full feeling in my chest,and feel like Im not getting enough air.I would agree with scott on this one maybe its just a case of to much to quickly.take care mike
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            Thanks everyone. I probably over did it. It's hard when you get older and forget a couple of miles is really a couple of miles. I do take meds and was told by my special i could exercise within my comfort zone, i guess that's tell i pass out or what ever happens first. I gained about ten pounds right before the weather broke, thus the quick ride, and that does not help at all. Iowa huh... Wow! the most I've ever ridden was about 17 miles one way, and that was a couple of years ago. That's great. Thanks again for all your input.
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