Hi Lisa (et all),

I'm Matthew Jesaitis's brother and just wanted to give everyone an update on his condition.

He's currently at Jackson Memorial in Miami because about a month ago he was having problems with the water gain and needed immediate care. During his stay he also suffered from a perforated ulcer which sent him into surgery to clean and repair the condition. He believes it to be caused from the medications not metabolizing properly. While in surgery they discovered that his liver was also cirrhotic. Needless to say this wasn't doing much for his spirits, now besides having the heart transplant he now also needs a liver.

But to make matters worse during the testing from the transplant team this week they also felt that his pulmonary arteries wouldn't hold up to the stress of the new heart and that he would also need a lung transplant (along with the liver and heart). I'm just telling you all of this because I know how much this site and you people all mean to him and I want you all to help me pray for him.

He's very depressed right now (and rightfully so) but through the majority of this ordeal he has been his usual funny, strong self. I know that its out of our hands and in God's and that's why I ask for all your prayers.

For anyone wanting to send a note he's on the West Wing/6th floor of the Diagnostic Treatment Center at Jackson Memorial. The little things right now do a lot to brighten his day.

Thank you all for your support of him and all those that also suffer from this condition. My thoughts and prayers are also with you.