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When it rains it pours


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    Oh Mary, I don't know where to start--I'm sorry you have to cope with all of this at once. I'm amazed that you've had so little absence from work as bad as you feel--you must be really pushing it, trying to keep things together.

    About the car, the suggestion to call the manufacturer can't hurt. About the cost, out here (WA state) our old Dodge just died because it needed a new transmission at $2300, but with the transmission in it would have only been worth $600 or so. I'm sure that was for a rebuilt one, so the price is in line with out here. But do check around if you can.

    Why is it that when we feel so rotten is when we often have to "take charge" and tackle stuff that is difficult even with an alert bright brain. Plus I know it is so hard just to work full time (plus you go to school on top of that) and get any of this stuff (insurance, health appointments, car) arranged or dealt with during business hours when you yourself work.

    I've read your posts for a few months, but not your earlier ones. Do you have family or friends who are able to help you when you are so sick or help you with the logistics of chasing down this stuff that needs doing?

    I think of a sweet song written by Tom Hunter: "Tonight I'd like you to rock me to sleep, I'd like you to sing me a song. I'm tired of trying to figure things out, I'm tired of being so strong." I know many of us wish we could be right there with you rocking and helping. I hope that our online wishes help a little.

    Very best wishes,
    Lisa I.


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      Just a stupid question, but has the transmission completely broken or is it slipping or what? If it is slipping and you have been told it must be replaced, pm me and I will make a very specific suggestion. My husband was a chemist for a company that makes the components for transmission oils among other things. We have saved several people from having transmissions replaced. If, however, it is completely non-operational, I can only continue to pray that you get a cheaper price.



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        You need to stay as positive as you can right now. I wish there was more I could do for you right now. You are in my prayers. I know everything will work out for the better for you. Just hang in there...

        " Real Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling-Up Anyway "


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          Mary, Thinking of you, praying for you, Linda


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            Mary, how are you doing? I sure hope something's going better. Thinking of you, and sending best wishes--Lisa I.


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              Well, this week has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. Monday turned out kind of disasterous I had a bad episode of Chest Pain and ended up in the ED. They thought I had another Pulmonary Embolism so they wanted to do a CT Scan but my creatinine levels were to high they said so they did an alternate test. It came back clear and was released yesterday morning. Which means I missed my bowel prep for the colonoscopy yesterday so it had to be rescheduled. I went and saw my cardiologist yesterday and we started a new drug. Persantine hopefully it will help with my spasms and microvascular disease on top of the HCM. I also realized how much weight I had lost too. 16 lbs in a matter of three weeks. Cardiologist was real concerned hoping it's not my Chron's disease so we have the colonoscopy set up for Tuesday.

              Another plus though is my insurance company finally got their heads out of their you know where and decided to pay my medical bills. Got a huge stack of papers that showed they paid 100% on a lot of claims.

              So I think the tides are beginning to change ever so subtle.

              mary S.


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                Bravo! (or is the properly Brava!?) It's good to hear there's some light there somewhere (hopefully the end of the tunnel is near).

                Persistence does pay off with those (/nice on) *pesky* (/nice off) insurance people. (I've had a heck of a time with that company named after some mountain in Greece, but managed to get most of it resolved without losing my cool--lotsa lost sleep, though.)

                --Living life on the edge .. of a continent!
                Charter member: Tinman Club


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                  Mary, Thanks for the update - looking forward to seeing you in NJ - Linda


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                    Good news about the insurance, you shouldn't have had to fight for it--but certainly glad they are paying. That should relieve some stress. Now if your body would just get doing better.... thanks for the update, Lisa I.


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                      Mary, I am so happy that things are going better for you. It is nice when the insurance people start helping insted of making things harder. Have you had any luck with the car?

                      You are in my thoughts and paryers and my alll your life be blessed.
                      Donna B. HCM & ICD. 2 sons with HCM. Brother passed away from HCM at the age of 39. Mother has HCM.


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                        Big deep breath, I'm so happy I got my car back today. I called a local church yesterday and they said they would assit me but the check wouldn't be there till at least Monday. I checked the mail today and it was there. With, a little shuffling around I was able to pay off the transmission. WHAT A RELIEF!

                        God works in mysterious ways. Thanks for everyone's prayers and support. Wish me luck with my EGD colonoscopy on Tuesday.

                        Mary S.


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                          Mary, I am glad the church came through for you. Most are full of good people and a lot of love.

                          As for you test I hope all goes well and that they find out what they need to. Let us know what they find out.
                          Donna B. HCM & ICD. 2 sons with HCM. Brother passed away from HCM at the age of 39. Mother has HCM.


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                            mary thats great that the church came through.adversity at times help us to realize how much we need other people.I am glad atleast one of your problems has been resolved.thank God.take care mike
                            One day at a time.