[Covera HS]

Author: Annette (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 07-10-02 06:38

I seem to be on different meds than everyone here with HOCM. I'm on 240 mg of covera hs at night and zebeta 5 mg in the morning. Anyone else on these meds? I still get short of breath on the least exertion. Just asked Lisa for a specialist in my area. I think it's time to see one.


[Re: Covera HS]

Author: Jackie Hume (206.176.81.---)

Date: 07-10-02 13:37

Annette, I take 480 mg Covera HS at night; 50 mg Labetalol HCL morn and eve; 16 mg Altacand in the morning; 40 mg Demedex in morn;4 meq Klor-con. I have been on this for about a year and am finally feeling pretty good. Since I was diagnosed in October 2000, I have had a pacemaker implanted and tried numerous combinations of meds. I also, have occasional SOB especially in very humid weather which we are experiencing now. I have a wonderful cardiologist who has been very sensitive to my reactions to this diagnosis.

What I really want to convey, however; is that I have been a total couch potato with many poor dietary habits etc for all of my 56 years. In March I also developed congestive heart failure. That one frightened me enough to make me start water aerobics and control my sodium intake. I feel so much better physically and mentally that I cannot rave enough about the benefits of physical activity along with great rapport with your cardiologist.

Hope this gives someone some encouragement. I was surely depressed for a period of time after the diagnosis and I feel VERY GOOD now!


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Author: Sarah B-Board Moderator (---.tnt3.chiega.da.uu.net)

Date: 07-10-02 23:03

Dear Annette

You are taking a calcium-channel blocker and a beta-blocker. Both do the same thing by different chemical means. I would ask your doctor the rational for this combination. Is your blood pressure expecially high?