[Husband's story]

Author: Susan Dearinger (---.cox-internet.com)

Date: 07-05-02 17:54

Hello everyone. I haven't posted a message here in a couple of months because my husband has been feeling COMPLETELY fine. He was diagnosed with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy/Cardiomyopathy in the first part of May of this year by our local cardiologist. The doctor said it was not HCM. We went to Dallas (two hours away) and saw a electrophysiologist and he said no arrythmia's and suggested that the hypertrophy was normal for a man my husband's size due to years of heavy weighlifting and recommended another echo. The results of THAT echo ( the second in as many months ) showed that the heart funtion was "entirely normal" with mild to moderate thickening of the left ventrical walls. That doctor said that it was probably normal after all the years of heavy weightlifting. He did advise no more weightlifting and just aerobic exercise. Within days of that echo and the encouraging report, my husband's symptoms of shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, extreme fatigue, near passing out, etc... disappeared as quickly as they had come a couple of months prior. My husband has been fine for two months. Yet another doctor ( an allergist ) suggested that my husband had a viral infection making him feel so bad.

He now has a follow up visit with our local cardiologist next week and simply refuses to go. I really want him to go, if for no other reason, for closure. Any in put would be appreciated.


Susan Dearinger


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Author: Board Moderator--Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 07-05-02 21:51

Your husband probably feels that he has closure because he has the answer he wanted to hear and feels that if he goes back to the doctor again, they'll change their mind or it will simply be a waste of time --especially if he is supposed to go back to the doctor who told him he had HCM.

My two cents is that if he is absolutely against it, let it go but if he has ANY cardiac symptoms again like before, he has to go to the doctor immediately, no questions asked. and I hope he doesn't hide his symptoms from you.

best of luck and I'm glad his symptoms went away. However, he should still get another echo in 6-12 months to make sure his heart is not changing.

take care



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Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 07-06-02 12:39


Some suggestions - words like mild and moderate are not enough to work with - what are the measurements? We need to know what they were on each echo. If for example the septal measurement was 1.6cm on the 1st echo and 1.4cm on the 2nd this could create a grey area for some doctors and they may, due to lack of symptoms deem him clear...maybe incorrectly...

Your husband should follow up with a doctor REGARDless of the thought he may or may not have HCM, the symptoms you are refering to could be caused by many many other illnesses or conditions many of which are not serious...however left untreated could get out of hand. So maybe he does not have HCM _and great for him if so_ BUT he should have himself checked out because it is the cautious thing to do.

Best wishes,



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Author: Jim Dragon (195.229.241.---)

Date: 07-08-02 01:09


I suggest that you review the symptoms of the Epstein-Barr Virus and check out websites on this (www.epstein-barr-virus.com) . This virus gave me all of the symptoms described by your husband. I have been healthy and active all of my life, a scuba instructor, bike rider etc. Up to last March I was biking 30km daily and I'm 56 years old. In March I fell from my bike and broke my arm. This coupled with business stress must have allowed the virus to take hold. I still have mild symptoms and am not yet my normal self. My doctors believe that I may have developed some heart problems from the virus and I am still undergoing investigations.

Check out the research being done by Dr. Martin Lerner on virus and infectious cardiomyopathy. www.emergingworlds.com

There Center for Disease Control website also has some good information.