Author: Doug McPherson (---.tnt1.wailuku.hi.da.uu.net)

Date: 07-03-02 11:37

Aloha all,

Since my implant in Feb. I have moved to Maui and started a new job. Quite a litle piece of heaven.

Along with this piece of heaven has come a little bit of rain. Last Friday I had my first ever doble vision/almost fainting spell while at work. It lasted about 120 seconds but I was able to power myself through the short meeting I was attending. I called my cardio guy( excellent DR. by the way) and while he was on vacation ( where does someone go for vacation while living on Maui?) his staff had me call my Primary DR. Went to see her and did all of the right things. They didn't need to put me in the hospital and I saw my cardio guy on Mon. They downloaded my device which showed no unusual events the day of my problem. As a matter a fact it showed NO events since May 18th.This brings me to my question. Since install I have had a regular but somewhat infrequent episodes of nonsustainable fast heartbeats. The device has recorded these but they wern't sufficient to shock me. All of a sudden on May 18th , according to the device, these events stopped being recorded.. I find it somewhat hard to believe that they actually stopped occuring by themselves, although I would be happy if they did. I am an engineer by trade and mechanical things almost never fix themselves like this. It is possible but not very likely. Nothing changed in the way of meds, lifestyle etc.I am not on any meds so that isn't the deal. While my device checks out OK and I will go back in a week or so to see if any events have been recorded I am wondering if anyone else has any experience with the device not recording events?

We are exploring other causes for my "spell" and they have finally started me on beta-blockers. I had a CT scan and a ultra sound of my neck yesterday so we are searching. Does anyone have any experiences to share?



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Author: Board Moderator--Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 07-03-02 12:35

Dear Doug

Congrats on the new life!!! Very jealous over here in Chicago. ohwell, someday.

I'm sorry, but I don't have any insight on your situation, but I'll pass it directly on to Lisa and see what she says.

Have a good holiday.