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going to Rochester!


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  • going to Rochester!

    On Lisa S's recommendation, I got the go ahead to go see Dr. Ommen at Mayo in Rochester for an initial evaluation. I am really pleased that I can go and get better information. Their dates are pretty open, so the next step will be working out when to go and arranging flights, hotel, etc.

    I searched the old forum threads, but didn't look like much non-medical info on Rochester was there. I have all the basic info I need from airline online sites and hotel links that the Mayo page sends you to. But if anyone has anything to recommend for or against staying at one lodging or another, what to do in Rochester, etc. please let me know. I understand so many Arab families go there that there is a lot of Arab food etc. in Rochester. Anyone know of somewhere to stay that's near enough that isn't right in the middle of it all? We live on 13 acres of woods--it is QUIET at night except for the occasional coyote squawl or raccoon brawl. The hotels brag about having 60 boutique shops, etc. Yikes!

    We did at least figure out it is in Minnnesota. Please tell me I'm not the first one who started out studying the map of New York for Rochester.

    Best to all,
    Lisa I.

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    Hi Lisa
    I have been to the Mayo Clinic and St. Mary's hospital many times. There are restaurants right across from St. Mary's that features American food.

    You didn't say if you were renting a car or would be taking a shuttle back and forth?
    The last time I went for a check-up (it was a Thursday & Friday) we stayed at a hotel on the outskirts of Rochester. I'll have to ask my husband directions. It was far enough away from the highway that we didn't hear the noise.

    We ate at a restaurant not far from the clinc/hospital called Panakuken. The menu is fabulous. My husband is very picky when it comes to food, but he found the menu to suit his taste. It is not expensive. He had all you can eat ribs and I had meatloaf, it only cost us $23.00 and it was very good. The restaurant itself is very quaint.

    As far as things to do. I really don't look for activities because I'm limited as to how far I can walk without getting short of breath. Maybe if you go to the Rochester Chamber of Commerce web site you'll get ideas there. www.rochesterchamber.com.

    Please feel free to pm me should you have questions.

    You've centainly picked one of the best medical facilities to go to. I've been going there for 4 yrs and feel comfortable with the treatment I've had.

    Take care


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      Lisa, Rochester is like my 2nd home as they have been following me for 30 years. Now, since my transplant I have even lived there for 3 month. When we stay at a motel we tend to stay out S. on Hwy 63. There are shuttles from the motels to the clinic. Restaurants are everywhere, you have the chains - Applebys- Fridays- Olive Garden, etc. Downtown there are some neat little restaurants. A good Italian one is Bilagi's. Newts is the best for Burgers it is up a lot of stairs. Of course not knowing diet restrictions for you these may not be the best. There is Perkins, and so many others. Country Inn Suites, and Extended Stay both South are good. Hampton Inn, is on 63 S. There are many cheaper ones also, Econo Lodge, is one. I will be there from the 20th to 24th so if I can be of any more help. They are a great HCM center. Kept me going for 30 years. Good Luck

      Diagnosed in 1977, Myectomy in 1981 @ Mayo Rochester
      ICD&Pacemaker 1996
      Heart transplant March 19, 2004 @ Mayo Rochester
      Mom of Kaye.


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        Hi Lisa,

        My wife and I were at Mayo between Christmas and New Years and found downtown to be fairly quiet, possibly because of the holidays--the Clinic didn't appear to be as busy as it might be normally.

        We stayed in the Grand Kahler Hotel which is immediately adjacent (or across the street) to some of the buidlings you'll be visiting. For us it was very convenient to be staying within a short walk of the clinic (wheelchairs are available, too). The busy areas described in the brochure are mostly in the underground "subway" and are accessible from the hotel but not really part of it. I can't speak to how quiet the hotel is during the regular "season" but we found it to be OK while we were there (and there was a high-school basketball tournament in town with some teams at the hotel).

        If you are flying into Rochester, make sure you ask about an airline discount for Clinic patients. I don't know what the discount will be, but you should ask. I believe the brochure mentions this in a one-liner, someplace, but it doesn't appear on the Clinic's web site.

        We flew into Rochester and took a "limo" to the hotel and back out to the airport by Taxi. The fare was $23 each way, if I recall correctly. Taxis are readily available in town and not very expensive (cheap in comparison to renting a car!)

        Good luck. You'll be in good hands there!

        Rob Thomas
        --Living life on the edge .. of a continent!
        Charter member: Tinman Club


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          Firstly GOOD LUCK! I've been to Mayo 3 times-once for my Myectomy. It sounds as if you will be centered at the Clinic, for your visit, so I would suggest the Grand Kahler, it's right across the street, has 2 Restaurants, close to the Clinic Subway area & very quiet. It eliminates the need for a car, as there is transportation, should you need to have anything done @ St. Mary's. If you can walk (on a good day) there;s a large Borders & a small Mall w/restaurants & stores.
          For this visit, I would only consider staying downtown.
          On all 3 trips, I've flown into Minneapolis & taken eith the Shuttle (about 1 1/2 hours) or a Limo to Rochester.
          It's a very quiet town & the only commotion you'll experience is at the Clinic itself, but consider there are several thousand people there every day, & it is all totally controlled. Appointments run smoothly & you'll be treated by people that will treat you like a "person".
          An other ? let me know.


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            Thanks to all of you who've answered. I'll get one of the hotels in town by the clinic because it looks cheapest to not rent a car--and the ones on the outskirts look like they are just anywhere's-ville shopping mall areas, not my idea of walking pleasure. (I don't have trouble walking as long as no one's trying to hurry me, it isn't hot and I haven't just eaten a lot...)

            Ronnie--I didn't know you could get a limo or shuttle from Minneapolis to Rochester; how do I find out about that or how much it costs?

            So far it costs roughly the same to fly into Rochester or to fly cheaper to Minneapolis but then rent a car, probably it would be the same for taking the limo or shuttle from MSP two times back and forth, but worth checking out as cheapest is what I'm looking for.

            Take care, Lisa I.


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              Me again-- Ronnie, I just realized by shuttle you meant the airline connection to Rochester. (sorry, little brain dead I guess; it's kinda late) What I was curious about was whether you meant there was a limo from Minneapolis Airport to Rochester, or were you just referring to the one from Rochester airport into town--I'm thinking that's what you meant...

              I checked Northwest Airlines for Mayo Clinic discount. If you have to go on short notice and pay their really exorbitant fares it is a 50% discount. But for reservations for the cheapest fares, the discount is just 5% and other airlines are cheaper than that without the discount (for the time I want to go.) I think it was mentioned that American Airlines offers a Mayo Clinic discount, I didn't check them yet--I will since I'll probably take an Alaska Airlines reservation that is Alaska+American flights.

              Better put me to bed before I confuse things any more.
              Thanks, Lisa I.


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                Hi Lisa-
                The Shuttle I'm referring to is a "van shuttle". There are 2 of them, both depart downstairs, in the Minne Airport & will drop you off at your Hotel. I believe 1 is called "Rochester Express", they have their office in the Kahler Hotel, Rochester. You can call the Hotel & they would give you the names & phone #. Once you have your flights made, it's a good idea to call the shuttle & book your ride, to Rochester. I think a round trip is only about $25.00 (don't quote me, on this).
                The folks in Rochester, are extremely helpful, they must be the nicest people in the world!
                After my Myectomy, my husband booked a limo, because he was worried about me bouncing along in the van. I can find that info, if you want it, but it was much more $$ than the shuttle.
                Don't count on any good meals in Rochester, it seemed to me, that every restaurant


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